Echo From The Cave: 128

Wednesday July 29, 2020 NYC

Announcement: First Online Program!

Positive Transformation in Times of Change:

Friday, August 14th     7 – 8pm

In the midst of unexpected and changing circumstances, the key is to learn the nature of the mind and cultivate inner fortitude.

This online talk with Mahayogi Yoga Mission practitioners will be centered on the unwavering state of true Independence, which can be cultivated within each and every one of ourselves.

All are welcome to attend. No prior experience or knowledge of Yoga is necessary.

SPEAKERS: Aniruddha and Sadhya

Register HERE.
* Tickets will be available for purchase for up to 24 hours in advance.
* Please note that using Zoom is required for attending this program.
We will be happy to provide technical assistance to anyone who may need it.

Please reach out to for any inquiries about this event.

Echo From The Cave: 127

Wednesday July 22, 2020 NYC

Editor’s Note: Pranavadipa Volume 68

Do you know what meditation really is?
How do I meditate? What is the benefit of meditation?
If I can’t meditate, what should I do…?

 How do you understand the words of Buddha:
To rely on oneself, to rely on Dharma”?

How do you understand the words of Vivekananda:
If you cannot, dream but truer dreams”?


If someone were to ask you these questions, how would you answer? What would your answers be based on? And with what level of clarity would you be able to respond?

PASSION: To inquire. To seek to learn. To seek to understand. These are the forces that are essential in propelling one along the path of Yoga, no matter if one is just beginning the practice of Yoga or has been practicing for an extended amount of time.

In this month’s Pranavadipa (Vol. 68) the attendees present in the selected Satsangha represent a range of different practitioners, from brand new beginners, to more advanced, and the types of questions asked to Shri Mahayogi also represent a range in depth of practice. It is fascinating to see how the conversation between this group of practitioners and Shri Mahayogi unfolds and how seamlessly Shri Mahayogi responds to each practitioner, mirroring in his response the level of depth with which each asks their questions.

The Satsangha begins with an inquiry into the meaning of the words of Buddha in the above question, particularly in regards to what “oneself” is referring to and how the practitioner should understand the way to apply this teaching. It then continues into the topic of bhakti, which leads into a conversation about the state of a bodhisattva. As attendees continue to inquire into this state, a connection between it and what is referred to in the words above of Swami Vivekananda is revealed, as is how what is referred to in the Yoga Sutra as dharma megha samadhi is related. Not only does Shri Mahayogi speak with remarkable clarity about the content of this state, but he also speaks about how to progress towards it and how one proceeds from there to the final realization! It is astounding to see the precision and detail with which Shri Mahayogi teaches about these topics—it is so evident that his answer comes from his experience and the state where he is—the complete Pure and Free state, unbound by all the information, ideas and interpretations that our minds are filled with. How rare is the opportunity to receive guidance from one who is in that state, one who can really grasp and know it, the true Master of Yoga, who is in the state of a Buddha.

The Satsangha continues further still, as practitioners inquire into meditation itself, how to overcome obstacles or the feeling of “I can’t meditate,” the most important key to meditation, and the benefits of meditation. This inquiry continues into the topic of attaining to the state of Satori, the preciousness of the opportunity and moment that we have now to do so, and the teachings of the Four Noble Truths as the most relevant and accessible entry-point for anyone standing at the gate of the path of Yoga.

There is so much we can learn and study in this very rich Satsangha. Pranam and our utmost gratitude and reverence to Shri Mahayogi, who graciously offers his words and teachings—the Infinite Knowledge directly coming from his own experience, from the Love and Compassion that spring forth from his presence.

Shri Mahayogi has said in the past that, for himself, he has nothing to say, and that the answers he gives are in the questions asked, suggesting that how and what Shri Mahayogi answers, including the depth and detail of his answer, is in direct proportion with the hunger and depth of inquiry of the practitioner who asks. We also extend our gratitude to the participants of this Satsangha, who asked the questions that allowed for these precious teachings of Shri Mahayogi to come to light.


The Testimony this month is the second part of the writings of Yukti, a disciple of Shri Mahayogi in Japan, whose journey we were first introduced to in last month’s Testimony (Vol. 67) Living on the Words of Mother, Part 1 of 3.

“How can the dying best be served?” —Yukti started to yearn to know the answer when she was working as a nurse, and this became her aim. There may be different approaches to seek out the answer, but Yukti’s approach, as she expressed in her own words, was not to look to “some eminent theorist or researcher within the nursing profession, but a single nun who dedicated her entire life to God. It was Mother Teresa.” Through trying to seek through the life and example of Mother Teresa, she found that the answer was “Being Holy.” Then she realized that “the inquiry I had been pursuing did not come from a sense of my duty as a nurse, but came from an eager desire in the depth of my heart, desperately yearning to save souls.”

In her own words, she then recalled her life, and the time she first encountered Yoga 15 years prior to this writing. “At the time, I was very sick and I didn’t expect to be living 15 years later. As I think about why I encountered Yoga and was allowed to live, I wanted to answer, ‘Yes’ to Mother’s message, no matter how far away I am from being holy at this moment. Because, there is only this reason that I am allowed to live, even now too: to be holy.” With this, her realization reached to the resolution that it must involve the way she lives: “However, just getting that answer was not enough, because the answer must be realized and lived.” Then her journey continues on as she strives for that.

In this month’s Part 2, Yukti’s determination to know how to “Be Holy” is so firm that nothing can stop her—this urge to realize her aim and live in accordance with it, and this drive to win over any hesitation she may have or feeling of self-consciousness that may come up along the way, comes from her seeing only the aim. As she goes towards the aim by diving into the life and teachings of Mother, it is as if she is given a “message” to decode in order to open a door, then after she opens that door, she walks, and comes upon the next “message” to decode for going through the next the door, and in this way she is led forward.

It is the passion with the clarity of an aim and the strong drive to go closer towards it by putting ourselves through a process of learning that gives rise to progress—not following our own ideas of what we think the path should look like.

The great part in this testimony of Yukti is that, through her writing, she allows us to take a peek, in a very concrete way, into what she was thinking and what she was contemplating upon as she progressed each step of the way, and into how she tried to decode each message. Her process, the ways in which she strives to understand and apply her new learnings into her own life situation, gives us much inspiration and provides many opportunities for us as readers to learn an example of how one goes about learning through action driven by working towards an aim. But beneath it all, she must have a deep gratitude and sheer recognition of her life’s mission: “there is only this reason that I am allowed to live.”

There are several aspects of Yukti’s journey that are actually very much connected to the topics in the Satsangha in this issue of Pranavadipa (Vol. 68).

During the Satsangha, there was a question about the possible reasons for which one may get stuck and not be able to meditate even though one tries to practice, and Shri Mahayogi answers that “it all boils down to how crucial the issues upon which one meditates are within the mind.” Yukti’s way of taking action driven by her strong want to attain her aim is an example of exactly that.

Additionally, her journey, a consequence of her sincere seeking with all her heart, mind and strength, naturally led her further and further toward the words of Swami Vivekananda, “dream but truer dreams,” that Shri Mahayogi teaches about in this month’s Satsangha (Vol. 68). The decision to move to Fukushima, the disaster area of the Great East Japan Earthquake, where the people were and still are suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake, the tsunami and the on-going situation with the nuclear power plants, came to Yukti. She wrote, “…as the days passed, I came to know that there is no need to hesitate or to have a particular resolution. Because I felt that working in the disaster area is what God was calling me to do, was asking me to do, so it was a very natural thing.” These words reflect her depth of yearning and the determination of her soul to realize the aim, and this must be precisely what brought Yukti to take action, this recognition that “the answer must be realized and lived.”

There must be many people who are inspired by Mother Teresa and strive to learn and follow her example. However, something that is perhaps a bit distinctive in Yukti’s case, is that by her striving to follow and learn from the example of Mother Teresa as a guide for the purpose of going closer towards her aim—in her own way, without any boundary of religion—she came to know Mother, she came to know the heart of Mother Teresa more and more closely, all the while being guided by Shri Mahayogi. At one point, she wrote, “I could not think about Yoga anymore.” Yet, most importantly, she was very aware that while she was striving to know and live on the words of Mother, her Guru was Shri Mahayogi—and from the larger perspective, Shri Mahayogi was surely guiding her, his grace behind it all. Shri Mahayogi teaches that the content of Yoga is the very essence of religion—Yukti’s story and how Shri Mahayogi, her Guru, guides her, his disciple, is a beautiful demonstration of the way Guru and disciple are bonded in Love and Trust.

In the beginning (Part 1) of the entire article of “Living on the Words of Mother,” Yukti wrote:

As I began to know her more, I began to think of her words more deeply, meditate on them and I began to act on them. What I have come to understand from that is that if we meditate upon the words of holy beings, and seriously continue to apply them in practice through our actions, then we will surely come to see the Truth ahead.”

It is a very powerful statement!—because these words of recognition come from her very own experience. Only those who have gone through experiencing these processes first hand can really say such things with conviction.

Yukti may not necessarily have been intentionally trying to practice Yoga through her search, yet with the yearning for going towards her aim she threw herself entirely into it, heart and soul, which ultimately led her to unintentionally go through the practice of sadhana in Yoga, and through that she started to come closer and closer to the Truth.

Shri Mahayogi once mentioned that it is of great benefit to have an image of one’s ideal as a siddha (perfected one). And that this ideal should not be one who has been perfected since birth (avatara) but an ordinary person or disciple of an Enlightened Being, just like us, who later became a saint. Your ideal siddha is one who you really admire and who you aim to bring your way of being towards, going ever closer to their heart, even in your own life circumstances—who you study to find out about how they lived their life, and you think and meditate on them, including what led them to become a saint, what the turning points were in their life, what the teachings or lessons were that they learned along the way, what realizations and impulses came about within those turning points, and what actions they made to remain as a siddha, working to deepen their state, rather than turning back.

What we can see in the experience of Yukti, with Mother Teresa as the image of her ideal siddha, is itself a testimony of Shri Mahayogi’s way of guiding his disciples ever-closer to the Truth.

Echo From The Cave: 126

Saturday June 27, 2020 NYC

Under the Abrupt Condition of Quarantine and its Major Life Transitions:
A Testimony of Reformation


“Understand it as condition of seclusion like that of Yoga—Kumbhaka.”

                                                                                                -Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa

Almost right after Shri Mahayogi went back to Japan after the winter visit, NYC went into PAUSE under the conditions of the worldwide health pandemic. Mahayogi Yoga Mission’s Asana & Meditation classes were suspended, along with other in-person activities, like the Study in Practice group (SIP), which had been meeting since the Fall of 2018 with the principle of deepening spiritual practice and understanding through acting upon and thereby experientially learning the teachings of Yoga.

Up until the PAUSE, the members of Study in Practice had been meeting about twice a month. However, spontaneously and out of the member’s own will, one of two smaller groups within the Study in Practice group began to meet twice a week by phone at the same time that Mahayogi Yoga Mission had held its regular Asana & Meditation classes. Around the same time, Anandamali, the director of the Mission in New York, sent a message, “We should take this time positively, as a time to study and practice the teachings of Shri Mahayogi more deeply. My heart is with you.” Then the other small group of the larger Study in Practice group also decided to meet, in the same way as the first.

Suddenly, concerning about the Sangha and the situation in New York, Shri Mahayogi sent a message:

“You have to endure.
Understand this as a condition of seclusion,
like that of Yoga—Kumbhaka.
Persist—there is nothing you can do but that.”

Certainly, we had no idea how long this condition would and will continue. However, definitely “Kumbhaka” in the message of Shri Mahayogi was the great guideline. The period of being in quarantine can be a very difficult time, however it is up to us, each individual, how to take this time of constraint as the positive practice time for Kumbhaka so that the energy within us will strengthen and that we may build within ourselves the internal fortitude that comes as a result.

Definitively, with this condition of being more or less isolated, meeting twice a week for Study in Practice was a dramatic shift in frequency and it intensified the focus of the group toward the internal work of the mind, which is actually the most important part of the work of Yoga, though it can be the most challenging.

When Study in Practice began, around the end of August, 2018, Shri Mahayogi gave a message to the Sangha through the following metaphor:

“The most vital part is missing.
A man who had heard about the Truth, thought that he wanted to cross to the other shore, the Truth. This is the step where one just gets interested in Yoga or spiritual things. Then he tried to embark on the journey, pulling hard on the oars. The night passed and the next morning, when he looked around, he was still at the same place. He had not taken off the rope that his boat was moored with to the shore of the world. This is a very common mistake that all are liable to fall into. Before one begins the journey and pulls on the oars, or learns the Truth and devotes to the spiritual practice of disciplines, one ought to have taken off the ropes. Unless one completes this basic step well, the boat cannot progress forward no matter how much one pulls on the oars.”

Then he clarified that our task is “to clarify and identify what these ropes are, and renounce them.”

In a way, the consistency of this intensive time of internal focus, with the condition of limited stimulation from outside activities, led our work intensely towards doing this.

The following is the testimony of one practitioner who was very much in the struggle of the vicious cycle of the mind, yet he suddenly saw through to a moment of Light. It is truly a blessing. For many years we witnessed this vicious cycle, yet somehow he kept going and did not give up searching, even though many things were clouded. It really proves that we cannot judge ourselves, whether we are making progress or not, but rather, if we don’t give up and stick to it, by going through it, eventually we will see the Light.


“I Know” is the Obstacle!

Over the last couple of weeks I was asked by my senior disciples to think deeply about what I am living for and what I want to do in this life. After thinking about it for a few days I decided to just watch my mind to see if there is something that will surface and to see what some of the obstacles are that stand in the way of me finding the answer.

On the weekend, I was invited to go to the mountains to visit a friend. A day before the trip, because I started to worry that I might lose focus of my homework during the time of the visit, I decided to make an effort to try and always remember the teaching that I am the Consciousness, not the body, and so is everybody else.

Once I arrived, I quickly found that, because I spent most of the last few months at home, not interacting much with others, I had a strong impulse to chat a lot. So I decided to engage in conversations, but at the same time try not to forget my goal and try to focus on the true Self in others and myself.

Later that night, while sitting by the fire, a conversation started up between a friend of mine and I about one of the Satsangha from last summer that we had both attended. My friend was expressing her opinion about one of the attendees and what she thought about this person’s demeanor during the event. As she continued to express, I felt a strong reaction in my mind saying “you actually don’t know about this person but I do,” and a strong need to say something to make her change the way she was thinking. So I tried to say something, but the more intensely I was trying to convince her that her opinion is wrong and that I know what’s what, the more she was talking about the same thing and maintaining her own point of view. The reaction in my mind became so strong that it actually started to bother me a lot. At this point, wanting to change this, I stopped and asked myself, “why am I so bothered?” It suddenly dawned on me that the issue was that, in my mind, I thought that I knew best, that what I thought was right and what she thought was wrong. This made me suffer greatly. I felt that I had no choice but to ask myself whether I really knew about this person who attended the Satsangha or not. Looking at my mind I realized that I didn’t really know at all and there was no way I could claim that I was right. Accepting this, I started to really listen to my friend and realized that she was bothered by something about this person’s demeanor, but up until this point I couldn’t see it because of my preconceived idea that “I know” and “I am right.” Finally, I started to think about how there were so many things that were discussed at that Satsangha and I wondered if any of us would be better off focusing on remembering the teachings of Shri Mahayogi that were given that day instead. So I asked her if there was anything that she took from the Satsangha, and after thinking for some time she shared one of the teachings that Shri Mahayogi had spoken, and right away the energy changed and the conversation took a completely different turn.

After this, I immediately remembered my goal for this trip, and tried to stay quiet, to just think and focus on the Consciousness and on others as being that same Consciousness. Then I realized that one of the things that stops me from getting closer to realizing what I really want and what I really want to live for, is that I carry the strong preconceived idea that I know and I am right about many things, including life and Yoga practice. From here comes a way of expressing myself that tends to be pushy and to lean a little towards sounding fanatic about some topics. Also, I probably don’t see things that are being revealed to me on a daily basis because the mind is full with this attitude.

Meanwhile, my friend started to talk with somebody else and overhearing their conversation, I noticed my mind quickly trying to interrupt again with the same tendency to prove a point, but this time I continued to focus on the thought and essence of them as being the Pure Consciousness—and then something happened. Immediately there was a moment of clarity in which I felt overwhelmed by the feeling that there’s nothing to be said, that there’s no need to change anything, that this Consciousness is just playing using the minds and bodies of my friends. I saw them as innocent kids at play and that the whole creation is like that too, that there’s nothing to be achieved, that we are all moving on the path towards realizing the Truth at our own pace and that there’s nobody higher or lower just because one might understand more or less. Our minds are different, and from now on I’ll have to strive to really understand the mind of the person in front of me in order to be able to really connect with them.

Now, I can’t say with conviction that I found my life’s purpose that night, but I know that those moments of freedom that I had are something that I would like to experience more often, together with the closeness that I felt with the people around me. I also have to accept that those small moments of clarity happened because I met Shri Mahayogi and attempted to understand and practice the teachings of Yoga under his guidance. This makes me more confident that if I just try to think and act based on the teachings as often as I can, I will have more and more of these moments, and hopefully, one day, the feeling of Oneness will occupy my mind permanently.

Thank you very much Shri Mahayogi!

Ekanta, June 2020


We found that, interestingly, this testimony is precisely an example of how one result of “Kumbhaka” could appear.

At the start of quarantine, as an effect of the conditions, Ekanta lost his job. Around the same time, he experienced a physical condition that did not allow him to use his physical body for anything more than the absolute necessities—in fact anything other than lying down or walking for short periods of time was challenging. On top of that, the condition of isolation from quarantine was further compounded by the fact that his roommate was gone most of the time, along with the majority of his friends, who would often stay upstate. At one point his physical condition started to improve, and he was able to be a little bit more physically active—but then, he soon became injured again. Truly, it must have been so difficult to bear it.

Looking back now, or if we see it from different perspective, it was actually as if, for some reason, Ekanta was truly forced into a state in which all external conditions were putting him under a completely unusual and intense form of restraint—with “nowhere to escape.” Even so, somehow he continued to hold on to the SIP group meetings and in spite of the struggle of his own mind in these conditions, endured it.

When the moment came to visit his friends and momentarily relax these tight conditions, an experience of a glimpse of Truth came, as if all these conditions he went through were given through the grace of Shri Mahayogi.

In a way, what he went through very much resembles the practice of asana (physical postures) that Shri Mahayogi teaches, or rather, it symbolically revealed how what can happen through practice of asana on a smaller scale, can be like a representation of what can happen through the “kumbhaka” of the quarantine. In the way that Shri Mahayogi teaches practice of asana, there is a combination of juxtaposing asana and savasana (corpse pose). During each asana, a condition of intense restraint and concentration is created and maintained for some time, and is then followed by savasana, which allows for the opposite state to come as its contrast—the relaxed state of completely letting go. Shri Mahayogi teaches that savasana is an important asana. The role of savasana might not be understood properly, but we can also see from this example that when practiced correctly, it can create within the mind the state of sattva, which can give rise to even the smallest amount of space—and that space is where the Truth can emerge.

Daily practice of asana is the training that prepares us for living life every day. And often what we face within ourselves during practice of asana, has the same content of what we have to face in our day to day lives, albeit on a much larger and more prolonged scale. If we train to endure in asana, then when the conditions arise in actual life situations, we must use that training to endure and persist for as long as we need to, until the condition of “release” comes. If we do so, then the space cleared in the mind for the Truth perhaps may be much more than what is cleared while on the yoga mat.

We are in awe of how all of this once again reveals the vastness of Shri Mahayogi’s grace and guidance that is inherent in the teachings and practices that Shri Mahayogi  bestows upon us.

Echo From The Cave: 125

Saturday June 13, 2020 NYC

Editor’s Note: Pranavadipa Volume 67

“Seek nothing but what you must Attain.
Seek nothing but what you must Realize.
Seek nothing but the Truth.”

-Satrugu Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa,
from The Universal Gospel Of Yoga

These words, spoken by Shri Mahayogi and recorded in the teaching “The Aim of Life” in The Universal Gospel of Yoga, straightforwardly speak directly to the core of every human being’s existence. These words are simple, yet so strong that they can shake one’s mind out of being caught up in its own stories and illusions and make it recognize at once that the only thing that truly matters is precisely that. These words stand boldly, unable to be touched or moved by any worldly matters.

But what do they mean? Is it enough to merely read these words and experience one passing moment of recognition? What is it really that we must attain? What is it really that we must realize? And how do we do it? With the world constantly changing around us, bringing one new situation after another, how can we keep our minds unshakeable amidst external conditions and clear about aiming for the Truth?

In this month’s Pranavadipa (Vol. 67), the primary content is around the seriousness needed by practitioner to seek the Truth, as well as the practice of discrimination, the process of differentiating between the content of the mind and the teaching of the Truth, in order to bring the mind to the Truth.

The Satsangha in this issue, coming from the first Satsangha that took place in New York during Shri Mahayogi’s most recent visit (Dec 2019 – Feb 2020), has many questions that relate to how to correctly practice discrimination, which at times can be a practice that many practitioners may not be clear on how to approach or go about. However, Shri Mahayogi carefully responds to each question, at times clarifying misunderstandings, at other times breaking down how to approach the mind, and then also firmly directing the mind to always aim towards a content that is the purest of the pure—the unchangeable Existence.

At the same time, Shri Mahayogi teaches us about what seriousness is when it comes to seeking the Truth and the imperativeness of “staking your life” on it. In response to the shock expressed by some attendees as they try to interpret what this strong message means, Shri Mahayogi compassionately helps us all to see, through the simple example of romantic love, how we already know how to stake our lives on something and rather all we need to do is to instead direct that action towards something that is unchangeable and eternal.

“Seek nothing but what you must Attain.
Seek nothing but what you must Realize.
Seek nothing but the Truth.”

To constantly remind ourselves of this, to empty ourselves of that which is changeable and unnecessary, and to instead fill ourselves with the teachings of Yoga, will surely bring about the seriousness to seek only the Truth, and bring the mind to concentrate and base its activities upon it. Then the process of discrimination will come more naturally, our seriousness will become stronger and our capacity to understand beyond the surface level of the words will be continuously developed. As we read through this Satsangha, let’s aim to think deeply on Shri Mahayogi’s words, and strive to discover what they really mean by trying to put them into action.


Yoga is practical—Shri Mahayogi says—it is not about intellectual understanding. It is about transformation. True transformation can happen only through experience. Experience can happen only through actually putting our body and mind into action. If we sincerely want to learn Yoga, and in order to understand the teachings, we need to experience them through putting them into action—to do so is to embark on the true path of learning. Otherwise the depth of the meaning remains veiled to our eyes and does not fully penetrate into our heart and our being.

This month’s Testimony is coming from the first part of “Living on the Words of Mother,” and is the writing of Yukti, a disciple of Shri Mahayogi in Japan. These articles were originally published in Paramahamsa (Mahayogi Mission Japan’s bi-monthly publication) between Sept. 2012 and Jan. 2014.

The first part of this month’s article begins with her narration:

“On March 11, 2011, I was working as a nurse and left Japan to volunteer at Mother Teresa’s facility in Kolkota, India, in search of an answer to a question I had been continuing to pursue while attending to patients. I found the answer in the words of Mother. It was for me myself, who is attending to the dying, watching over a person’s final hours, to become holy. However, just getting that answer was not enough, because the answer must be realized and lived.”

“……. As I began to know her more, I began to think of her words more deeply, meditate on them and I began to act on them. What I have come to understand from that is that if we meditate upon the words of holy beings, and seriously continue to apply them in practice through our actions, then we will surely come to see the Truth ahead.

From now on, I would like to write about what I have practiced and what I will be practicing. First I would like to revisit my previous article about my experiences in India, “Message from the Mother,” and share with you the things that I felt more deeply.”

Then the article goes on to detail her actual course of actions, her journey of striving to discover and understand the deeper meaning behind Mother Teresa’s words, even to the point of designing her life around putting herself in situations that would make her test Mother Teresa’s words and try to experience for herself their meaning and where they come from.

This is a remarkable Testimony, whether you practice Yoga or not, there is so much that we can all learn from. In fact, in her writing, she rarely uses the word Yoga, even at one point writing, “after I returned [from India] to Japan, I could not think about Yoga anymore,” however her actions themselves are her own example of exactly what Yoga is, and exactly how Shri Mahayogi teaches us. Throughout her journey the underlying presence of her great master, Shri Mahayogi, is always there, and through this example we can see that Yoga is indeed universal, the essence of religion and the genuine search inherent within our human nature.

This is the first of three parts that will be published over three volumes of Pranavadipa. And we look forward to continuing to share her experience, learning, and transformation in the next two Volumes.

In preparation for reading this Testimony we suggest first reading “Searching for God’s Love”, an article by Yukti that is already published on the Mahayogi Yoga Mission website.

Echo From The Cave: 124

Sunday May 24, 2020 NY

Release of First Spanish Publication
& Reprint of The Universal Gospel of Yoga (English)

“La Verdad Suprema no tiene ni nombre ni forma, simplemente Existencia. Ella sola es la Verdadera Realidad, el verdadero Ser, eso que es llamado Dios. Lo que es Uno se manifiesta a Sí Mismo como todos los seres y todas las cosas. Regocíjate en la dicha del Silencio no-dual.”      
Sadguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahamsa, selección de El Evangelio Universal del Yoga


The Supreme Truth has no name or form, simply Existence. It alone is True Reality, the true Self, that which is called God. That which is One manifests Itself as all beings and all things. Rejoice in the bliss of non-dualistic Silence.
– Sadguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahamsa, Excerpt from The Universal Gospel of Yoga

It is with immense joy that we announce the publication of El Evangelio Universal del Yoga, the long-awaited Spanish translation of The Universal Gospel of Yoga: The Teachings of Sadguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahamsa!!!

Es con inmensa dicha que anunciamos la publicación de El Evangelio Universal del Yoga, la tan esperada traducción de The Universal Gospel of Yoga: The Teachings of Sadguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahamsa!!!

This is the first-ever book of Shri Mahayogi’s teachings to be published in Spanish and is a result of the sincere desire for these invaluable teachings of Yoga, as well as the essence of Shri Mahayogi, to reach further and further to those who may best be able to receive them in the Spanish language. As this is the first publication of the Spanish translation, we have placed a new Preface, which includes the meaning of the title of this book, “The Universal Gospel of Yoga.”

Este es el primerísimo libro de enseñanzas de Shri Mahayogi publicado en español, y es el resultado de un genuino deseo de que estas invaluables enseñanzas del Yoga, así como la esencia de Shri Mahayogi, alcancen aquellos que mejor los puedan recibir en el idioma español. Al ser la primera vez que se publica la traducción al español, hemos introducido en ella un nuevo prefacio, que contiene el significado de su título, “El Evangelio Universal del Yoga”.

The significance of why such a title is given to this book is important for readers in both English and Spanish to understand, and it brings us back to the original meaning of what Yoga is. And thus, we are also very pleased to announce that The Universal Gospel of Yoga (English) is also back in print, now in its 4th Edition, incorporating this new Preface. Additionally, it includes some editing that we hope better captures the subtle meaning behind the words that Shri Mahayogi originally spoke in Japanese.

La significación del por qué detrás del título de este libro es importante de entender para los lectores del inglés tanto como del español; nos regresa al significado original de lo que es el Yoga. Y con esto, estamos también muy complacidos de poder anunciar que el libro, The Universal Gospel of Yoga (en inglés) también vuelve a estar disponible ahora en su 4ta edición, e incorpora el nuevo prefacio. Adicionalmente, contiene algunas reviciones que esperamos mejor capturen el significado sutil detrás de las palabras que Shri Mahayogi originalmente enunció en japonés.

We humbly offer our gratitude to Shri Mahayogi,
our beloved Satguru,
our guiding light on the path of Yoga.
Through his blessing we have the great opportunity to be introduced to Yoga,
and through his existence these precious teachings are revealed.
Through his grace these publications have come to fruition
and our great hope is that his teaching and existence come to be known,
beyond any limit of time, place or language.

Humildemente ofrecemos nuestro agradecimiento a Shri Mahayogi,
nuestro amado Satguru,
nuestra luz guiadora en el sendero del Yoga.
A través de sus bendiciones es que tenemos la gran oportunidad de conocer el Yoga,
y a través de su existencia, es que estas preciadas enseñanzas son reveladas.
Por medio de su gracia estas publicaciones se han venido a materializar
y es nuestra gran esperanza que sus enseñanzas y su existencia se lleguen a conocer,
más allá de límites de tiempo, lugar o idioma.

The Universal Gospel of Yoga and El Evangelio Universal del Yoga are available for purchase. For more details on ordering and shipping, please see the links below.

The Universal Gospel of Yoga y El Evangelio Universal del Yoga están disponibles para la compra. Para más detalles sobre pedidos y envíos, por favor oprima los siguientes enlaces.

Please note that due to the current pandemic, domestic shipping times may be longer than usual and for international orders we ask that you please contact us directly, as postal service in some countries may be temporarily limited.

Por favor, esté al tanto de que por causa de la pandemia, los envíos domésticos pueden tomar más tiempo de lo normal. Para envíos internacionales, pedimos que se comuniquen con nosotros directamente ya que los servicios postales en algunos países pueden estar limitados actualmente.

*If you are currently residing in NYC, pick-up arrangements may be possible. Please contact

*Si usted reside en la ciudad de Nueva York corrientemente, es factible hacer otro tipo de arreglo para recibir su pedido. Por favor comuníquese por correo electrónico

Echo From The Cave: 123

Monday May 18, 2020 NY

GRACE OF THE MASTER: Shri Mahayogi’s Visit to NY this Winter

Pranam to our Beloved Master, Shri Mahayogi.

We would like to offer our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Shri Mahayogi
for the precious time that he has spent in New York this past winter,
transmitting the teachings of Yoga and enlivening all
who had the great opportunity to gather at his beautiful lotus feet,
in his infinite grace.  

In its own way, Shri Mahayogi’s visit to New York this winter (mid-December to end of February 2020) heralded the spring, bringing to us a light so bright as to keep our eyes and hearts drawn always upwards towards the Truth. This was the third occasion Shri Mahayogi came to New York over the course of one year, and was his longest stay, almost three months. Who could have known back then how the worldwide situation would be now. But looking back, it feels as if Shri Mahayogi was filling us with the spiritual strength needed to face the rapidly changing conditions of the world.

During those three months, between the weekly Sadhana Programs and the four Satsangha that were offered, many people were drawn to be at the side of the Master. Some came to meet Shri Mahayogi for the first time, some who met Shri Mahayogi during the past visit attended regularly, and there were even some faces that gratefully appeared after many years of absence. A steady stream of practitioners from Japan also made the trip across the world to spend concentrated time of learning with Shri Mahayogi in New York. Whether new or old, whether from the United States, from Europe, or from various parts of Asia, Shri Mahayogi graciously and warmly welcomed all to his side.

Those who had not seen Shri Mahayogi in many years expressed their amazement at the fact that “Shri Mahayogi remains so unchanged. ”Many who experienced Shri Mahayogi for the first time either expressed the deep quietude or joy they felt within themselves afterward or departed from the programs with faces smiling and shining. Again and again, attendees expressed that they had never experienced anything quite like this before, whether in reference to the experience of practicing asana, to the experience of gathering with Shri Mahayogi to ask questions, or, what was probably most impactful and felt most strongly, the experience of Shri Mahayogi himself.

Apart from the concentrated times of learning that occurred during the Satsangha, every Sunday Shri Mahayogi offered a Sadhana program,

in which attendees gathered to practice asana and meditation under the guidance of the Master. In silence, Shri Mahayogi tenderly and with great care and attention watched over all the practitioners in the program, guiding and bringing all to align their minds and hearts with Yoga, and by the end of each class, the space and everything in and around it would become palpably quiet, still, and filled with peacefulness. And there were also times in which Shri Mahayogi pulled together new attendees at the end and offered to answer their questions. In these intimate moments, Shri Mahayogi generously and compassionately transmitted the teaching of Truth, which seemed to calm the tears that some shed as they described their life struggle, while bringing joyous exchanges of laughter with others.

  No one can deny that much has transpired since Shri Mahayogi’s return to Japan, both in New York and around the world, and for many, the past three months have brought significant changes and ample uncertainty. Yet, the great gift of Shri Mahayogi’s presence and this unparalleled opportunity we have had in New York to spend time learning from the Master continues to reverberate strongly in our hearts, and the teachings that come from these concentrated times with Shri Mahayogi can provide sustenance and inspiration not only to those who experienced them first hand, but even to those who read or come to hear about them now and later on.

We are very happy to announce that each of the four Satsangha that Shri Mahayogi offered during this visit have already been or will soon be published in Pranavadipa, Mahayogi Yoga Mission’s online publication of study material (Volumes 64, 65, 66, and 67).

Even if you were unable to attend the Satsangha, we hope that you will read, study and be filled by the spiritual grace that abounds in each and every word and interaction that transpired in the presence of Shri Mahayogi. Even the moments of silence, which are often overflowing the most with this profound grace, can be felt as we read.

Every moment provides us with an opportunity to practice Yoga, every moment provides us with an opportunity that may not come again—every moment is precious. When it comes to the teaching of Truth and the opportunity to put Yoga into practice, may we all strive to not take for granted a single moment that we are given, past, present or future.

Echo From The Cave: 122

Friday Dec 27, 2019 NY

Announcement: Pranavadipa Relaunches!

Pranavadipa, our monthly online subscription-based publication of teachings and study material, has officially relaunched!

We truly appreciate everyone who has been patiently waiting as we transition to a new system. Knowing that through the content of Pranavadipa the powerful Light of Eternal Truth has the opportunity to shine forth and nourish the hearts of those who seek It in their daily lives around the globe, we recognize the importance and preciousness of having this publication available. And we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support of this work.

Please read more about what Pranavadipa is HERE and how to SUBSCRIBE.


Though the newest volume of Pranavadipa (Vol. 61) is arriving to you a little later than usual, its content is just as rich and enlivening as ever.

The Satsangha published in this Volume is coming from Shri Mahayogi’s visit to Matsuyama in Japan, where seekers have been practicing and building their understanding of the teachings of Yoga. Though there have been Yoga activities happening and slowly building in Matsuyama since 2005 it is only in the past few years that Shri Mahayogi has begun to travel there on a regular basis to offer Satsangha to the practitioners. You can surely feel how the attendees of the Satsangha must recognize and cherish this precious opportunity to ask the questions they have been waiting to ask and value these important moments at the feet of the Master to seek his guidance so that they can advance their practice until the next opportunity.

The questions themselves are clearly based in the actual challenges faced in daily life that the practitioners are facing as they strive to implement the teachings of Yoga into both their surroundings and in the way their mind approaches or views the situations they are in. These challenges are nothing unique to those who are asking them, but are common things that we all face and can all easily relate to.

Shri Mahayogi crisply and compassionately teaches about true independence, concrete discrimination within the mind, how to approach and interact with loved ones, how to train the mind and how to face a lack of passion and rather cultivate what is lacking. The stark truth of Shri Mahayogi’s words, from beginning to end, seem to shake confusion, misunderstanding, and lack of determination out of our minds—and at the same time inspire us to proceed forth on the path of Yoga with vigor and resolve.

This Volume’s Testimony, written by Sananda, consists of two articles from a series called “Yoga Explained.” The first of the two articles introduces and breaks down for us what Yoga is, in relation to the second and most important of the sutra contained in the ancient scripture: “Yoga is the restraint of the activities of the mind.” It goes on to detail where the teaching of Yoga originates, how it is passed down, and the importance of this state of Yoga being transmitted by one who has mastered it in absolute. And the second article contains a very relatable and practical explanation of how the mind functions and where its activity comes from to begin with. This is the great science of Yoga! Together, these articles, with their many examples and easy language, provide us with a generous amount of detail and understanding that only comes from studying the teachings of Yoga by actually practicing and experiencing them.

May we all be inspired to aim to discover for ourselves through putting practice into action the depth of understanding and realization that can only come through actual experience!


Echo From The Cave: 121

Monday Oct 21, 2019 NYC

Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa to Visit New York this Winter!

We are delighted to announce that Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa will return to New York December 2019 to March 2020!

December, the darkest of months, also marks the time when new light springs forth from that very darkness. It is an auspicious time of new beginnings and we are filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to invite the great light of the Satguru (the ultimate dispeller of darkness) firmly into our hearts and into our presence, to guide us along the path of Yoga, the path towards Oneness.

Please mark your calendars, spread the good news and treasure each upcoming moment to experience and learn from Shri Mahayogi.

• Register for Satsangha with Shri Mahayogi
Four Saturdays, 3:00-4:30pm
Dec 21, 2019
Jan 18, 2020
Feb 8 & 29

•Register for Yoga Sadhana Practice Programs
Sundays 3-5pm
Dec 15, 2019 – Mar 1, 2020

Advanced reservation for all programs is required by:
• Registering online from the above links
• Contacting
• Registering during MYM regular classes

For all programs with Shri Mahayogi, please arrive 30 minutes early.



Echo From The Cave: 120

Tuesday Sep 10, 2019 NYC

Words of Gratitude: Shri Mahayogi’s Visit to New York, Summer 2019

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our Beloved Master,
Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa,
for once again accepting the invitation to come to New York,
and tirelessly leading those who are here waiting your teaching and guidance
with nothing but the utmost unconditional love.
The resplendent light of your Truth
never fails to touch and ease the hearts of those
who arrive at your feet.

Shri Mahayogi’s visit to New York this summer spanned a period of time that was about a month and a half (July 14th to September 1st) in length. Though the time passed quickly, it was very precious for all of us. During this visit, Shri Mahayogi led us brilliantly and with remarkable powerfulness, both in moments of silence and with the sharp precision of his words that seemed to dispel any notion of ignorance or misinterpretation that our minds might conjure up. The nearness of his unshakeable presence brought an intensity into the lives of many of those who encountered him and certainly it is through his grace that the meaning of the teachings seemed to start to unfold within the efforts made in our daily lives. The words that were spoken spontaneously by his disciples in New York at the end of the last class on Sunday September 1st surely reflect exactly this experience.

But what was especially delightful to hear were the words we received from some of the new voices:

Shri Mahayogi has so much care for each of the students, and I feel the peace and serenity that is coming from him.”

“What a beautiful class last night! All the classes this summer were wonderful, but it was especially meaningful to hear the students speak their heart. Shri Mahayogi’s students love him – and rightly so: it is a joy to practice Yoga in his presence. The classes are efficiently run with great elegance. Together with all the other students, I look forward to Shri Mahayogi’s return to New York.

What is so wonderful about hearing these impressions, is that these words are the testimony of what the new attendees are witnessing right in front of their eyes—the exquisite love story of the Guru and his disciples—they are the testimony that such a thing is possible, and it exists here and in this present time!!! What these testimonials indicate is something that may very well have a great significance in the future, much beyond what we can understand, sense or imagine at this moment.

Shri Mahayogi is always the same, but this time, with the sangha in New York, there was definitely something different. Last summer, before Shri Mahayogi left for Japan, he left homework for us, which we have been working on facing since then. He pointed out using a metaphor that the sangha in New York was in the following condition: thinking that we have been rowing hard in our own boats aimed toward the shore of Satori, the fact of the matter is that a rope on our boat is tied to the shore of the world, therefore no matter how much rowing, the boat does not progress forward. So first, the task is to clarify and identify what these ropes are.

Before we received this homework from Shri Mahayogi, we had planned to start a study group in order to make efforts to learn the teaching concretely and practically right after Shri Mahayogi’s visit, but the central focus became clear with his message to us, as if he put the spirit into the group. We set the first session to be a period of three months in order to make it easier to participate for all, then we started to learn about the mind together concretely and practically, meeting every two weeks with those sangha members willing to work on their own minds and fully commit to this period of time. When we completed the first session, participants of the program then requested to continue, so we organized the second session, and changed the name from “Study Group” to “Study in Practice” group. This summer during Shri Mahayogi’s stay, unlike during Shri Mahayogi’s visit in the winter, we continued with the program, and we are seeing that this effort, along with participants’ continuous work of facing themselves, was reflected in the more proactive attitude and concrete questions asked during the various Satsangha. Something positive and powerful has been ignited and embarked upon, even though it has taken longer for some than for others. More time might be needed until we see the more concrete result from it all, but we believe that this transformation will only contribute to what’s to come.

Having said that, is all of this done by us?

Certainly not, certainly everything is done by Shri Mahayogi. Through Shri Mahayogi everything acts, everything becomes possible, and everything is maintained. It is precisely the example that Krishna gives in the Bhagavad Gita as he teaches Arjuna.

All is by the grace of the primordial Guru. May we each vow to continue to walk the path towards Sanatana Dharma and allow this grace to manifest itself more and more through each of us as the tools of the Master.

The following are speeches offered by disciples at the end of the class on September 1st, just before Shri Mahayogi returned to Japan.


Elena, representing the sangha in New York, offered flowers to Shri Mahayogi.

Shri Mahayogi, I remember so vividly when I met you the first time, and I remember feeling this new incredible love, that my heart could barely contain. Shri Mahayogi you have changed me forever. And I am so grateful for the blessings that you bestowed upon me, your endless love, kindness and patience. After being in your presence, I now cannot imagine missing one opportunity to be here. Also, listening to your teachings, seeing your smile, and feeling your love that you have for us, any worries, and any obstacles that I have fade away, and I want to be here forever. I carry you with me in my daily life, and sometimes when I’m faced with challenging situations I ask myself, “What would Shri Mahayogi say or do?” It may seem strange, but sometimes I picture your face in the faces of the people I interact with. I am determined to continue deepening my practice, following the teachings the best way that I can, but I know that I won’t be able to do anything without Shri Mahayogi’s grace. My heart is overflowing with love, and I would like to express my endless gratitude for your love, for your teachings, and for your continued trips to New York in order to teach all of us, answering our questions tirelessly. I also would like to humbly ask you to please return to New York as soon as possible, maybe even this winter please. Thank you.”   Elena

Karuna then spoke on behalf of the sangha of New York.
“Beloved Master, Shri Mahayogi, I speak on behalf of sangha and everyone who has received your teachings during this visit to New York. We would like to express our deepest gratitude. We cherish every opportunity to be with you. I have been lucky to witness those who receive your teachings and put them in their heart—they experience and discover a new kind of happiness. And for us, your disciples, you have inspired us to question and think about more seriously the purpose of our lives, how do we want to live our lives and for what. For every little step that we take, you give us reassurance through joy and a little more faith, and this makes a big difference—we are eternally grateful.

And personally, I would like to say that I have a big debt to you because I am finally accepting that nothing in the world can fulfill the true longing of my heart but your Yoga. I feel like a simple “thank you” is not enough. My heart rejoices because of you and I want to scream, “Shri Mahayogi is here! Jai Jai Jai!” And I would like everyone to hear it and to come and experience you in person, because there are many people longing for the Truth. I would like to invite everyone to  vow in reverence, all who are present. We will take care of each other, we will support each other, and strengthen each other in the way of Yoga, the way of true Love that you bring to us. We bow at your lotus feet Shri Mahayogi with the wish that you return in December, as soon as you can, so that we may delight in receiving you, and may I say, “Jai Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansaki, Jai!”   Karuna

“Shri Mahayogi, I would like to express my appreciation and thank you for spending your summer with us. Since I met you ten years ago, how much change there has been. I think about a year ago, how different my mind was compared to now. After going through the Study in Practice group, I see the great transformation that is taking place, not only in me, but in all of us who are participating. We know that this is you teaching us, and I would like to continue to end this bondage that I know my mind is in, I would like to continue to work deeper to remove this bondage. Because, since the Study in Practice group, it has given me a lot more faith, a lot more hope, to see that transformation, Satori, is possible. And I greatly hope to see that you return in December, please.”    Aniruddha

“Shri Mahayogi, I remember a couple of years ago I talked about the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, and how I didn’t understand the importance of the Three Jewels. I’ve been with you for over 20 years and I can’t believe I’m just starting to understand. How is that? You’re just saying the same thing and it hasn’t penetrated, I don’t know why. But thank God for the sangha—they weren’t easy, but your teachings, we all came together and said that we will focus on your teachings. You teaching us the Dharma, and us trying to practice it, little by little, I feel the change in me, and I appreciate it. Please come, we need you, please. Thank you.”    Kamalakshi

“Shri Mahayogi, I’m really bad with using words, but I just want to extend my heart, and I want to sing to you.  … (beginning to sing the Stotram that was composed for Shri Mahayogi, the sangha joins in)     Please come back! (crying) …in December.”  Nandi

“Shri Mahayogi, thank you for coming this summer again to New York. In the last few months I was put in a very difficult situation, or I should say, I put myself in a very difficult situation, and I was faced to choose between the path of karma and the path of Yoga. But because of Shri Mahayogi’s blessings, and because of Shri Mahayogi’s presence in New York this summer, because of sangha, because of the teachings, I think I was able to not go with the path of karma. And Shri Mahayogi, together with sangha, pulled me to stay on the path of Yoga, so I would like to say thank you so much. So, the experience of this past few months showed me how strong karma can be and how easily the world can pull the mind towards that karma. So, I’m just so afraid, I just don’t know if I can last until next summer…so I know the winter in New York is cold, but it can also be very beautiful, especially with your presence. Please consider to come earlier than summer. Thank you so much.”   Ekanta

“Shri Mahayogi, I don’t have many words right now, but as your worst disciple… (Moksha: “I thought that was me!” (laughter from all)) I’m so grateful for your presence, and I checked my calendar for December and it’s pretty clear, so I hope to see you. Thank you for your presence, for teaching us and for being here for all of us.”   Yajna

“I have often been stepping on landmines, but I feel that I have started to be able to see them now so that I can clear them away. I would like to strengthen myself. I will practice diligently.”       Yashoda

“Shri Mahayogi, I don’t think that I have expressed enough gratitude for the sangha that much or for Shri Mahayogi. But deep in my heart, I really am very grateful and I have a lot of love for this space. And I really feel it’s a new and real family. And I’m finally starting to understand discrimination and karma yoga, a little bit. Maybe it’s been a little bit hard because we all keep pushing each other and we all have different minds, so sometimes it is hard to know how to go about being together, but every time I trusted Shri Mahayogi inside, I felt that there was a way. So, thank you very much and please come back in December. I also don’t have anything in my calendar.”    Prapatti

Shri Mahayogi, when I met you I was a very young man, and now I’m not such a young man anymore. For many years after I met you, I didn’t know anything about Yoga, but whatever it was, I knew that you had It and had really realized It. I was 100% sure of this. And still I went in the other direction many times and chose the path of karma. But every step of that path you were always with me, 100% of the time, and my mind was always on you no matter what I was doing. Now I started coming back more and more and I can see that my brothers and sisters are growing and I don’t want to fall behind. And last night (during the Satsangha) you taught that if the parents of a child are learning the Truth, then it is not the path of karma. My daughter Prema, I think of her as belonging to Atman, rather than to me. And I must realize the Truth and practice seriously so she can also follow this path. Thank you for everything and when you come back to New York I will come too, because I don’t want to fall behind. I need to be here with my brothers and sisters, and learn Yoga properly.”    Moksha (visiting from Berlin, Germany)

“Shri Mahayogi, your grace is so endless, you are so peerless, and each time you come you bring us such strength and such blessings. In working with your sangha, the way that you guide us is so unique. No one can do that, it blows my mind every time. I feel your hand in everything and I feel you in everything, showing us the way. I see in myself and in all of the sangha, you are revealing that we are not these unique individuals, but we are really the same One. And I am so grateful for this teaching and that you continue to guide us. Please return soon. If it’s not December, January is fine too. Shri Mahayogi spoke something in one of the first classes that he alone has been reestablishing the true Yoga. Everything that comes from you is so, so pure, I feel that Shiva himself is here teaching us. We are so lucky here in New York to receive the asana class, that nowhere else receives right now. Please continue to guide us and lead us. Thank you very much.”    Sadhya

Then Shri Mahayogi bestowed us the following words:

“I am always with you. One day you will realize that you are me. Don’t forget what you have said today, and I wish that for the next time when I see, you will have grown bigger and more deeply, and that you will have come more and more close to being the United, One. You are Atman, you are God. That is it. It’s simply that. Resolve the worldly tasks or troubles as they arise right in the moment, and then forget them. And always bear God in your heart.”
—Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa

“Dearest Beloved Shri Mahayogi, we look forward your return in this winter!!! Jai Jai Jai”

Echo From The Cave: 119

Thursday Aug 1, 2019 NYC

Project Sahasrara Releases Very First Images of Shri Mahayogi on YouTube!

Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa:
A Modern Age Yogi Who Abides in Self-Realization

Today, with great excitement and anticipation, we are announcing the release of the very first YouTube video featuring rare video footage, photographs and teachings of our Beloved Master, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa!!

For all of the disciples and devotees of Shri Mahayogi, this is a historical moment as it symbolizes our hope that the Great Existence of Shri Mahayogi, the concrete manifestation of Enlightenment and of Sanatana Dharma (the Eternal Truth that has been preached since ancient times) will fly out into the world unbounded to touch the hearts of not only those who are searching today, but those who will search in future generations, beyond our time on this earth.


Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa—One with the Eternal Truth—is the living existence of Yoga and proof that Sanatana Dharma is real and attainable. Since 1976, when he was first sought out and requested to teach, Shri Mahayogi has been quietly yet tirelessly guiding seekers from all walks of life to taste and experience for themselves this indubitable Truth that is the essence of everyone and everything.

What is the purpose of life? What are we living for? These questions, universal to human beings in all times and places, are at the heart of what true Yoga teaches, the Yoga that has been passed down from Guru to disciple for thousands of years. Until the 19th century, awareness of Yoga and its teaching remained largely unseen and difficult to find. In order to find an authentic teacher and to receive the teachings of Yoga one had to search far and wide in India, often with the willingness to leave all else behind in that search.

Today, Yoga abounds in both East and West, but the search for the authentic teacher and the authentic, ancient teaching is as difficult as in times past. Though Shri Mahayogi has been guiding seekers since 1976, his existence has remained relatively unknown, as has his teaching, the sole purpose of which is to bring seekers to the ultimate state of Yoga as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As we look toward the Great Mission of Shri Mahayogi’s existence on this earth, our hearts are impassioned with the desire for an ever-widening circle of people to have the opportunity to experience and learn these precious teachings of Yoga that come directly from Shri Mahayogi’s continuous immersion in this highest state of Yoga.

Until now, we have closely guarded the precious image of Shri Mahayogi, as we believe that even the image of Shri Mahayogi is enlivened by the very presence of the Master himself and therefore have been striving to ensure that that sacred image is treated with the utmost care and respect that we would want Shri Mahayogi to receive in person.

But in knowing that now more than ever the world needs to receive news of true Yoga, to see and touch the existence of a true Yogi, one who has mastered Yoga through and through, and to receive the great blessing of Shri Mahayogi’s existence, we invite you all to share this video far and wide. We invite you to share Yoga, to share the existence of this ancient path that leads to the true unchangeable Bliss and Freedom that we all seek from the depths of our heart, and to share this precious and rare opportunity that we all have right now to experience and learn from a living Master of Yoga!


Shri Mahayogi is currently in NYC until September 1st. Find opportunities to learn directly from Shri Mahayogi HERE.