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Echo from The Cave:52

Sun Feb 26rd, 2017 5:00 pm, NYC

At the invitation of disciples,

Shri Mahayogi will be in Taipei from March 17th to March 24th!

Today, in honor of this special occasion,
we published the trailer of our DVD, In The Cave With The Master,
with subtitles in five different languages.
(Spanish/Español, French/François, Romanian/Română, Chinese/中文, Japanese/日本語)

Lynn met Shri Mahayogi for the first time during a visit to New York in the summer of 2013. After returning to Taiwan, her passion to learn under Shri Mahayogi grew strongly, and she began to hope to one day invite Shri Mahayogi to Taiwan.

A sincere heart and real passion always reach and move others!
Gradually more people started to join her in her practice of Yoga and in her efforts to invite Shri Mahayogi to Taiwan.

Shri Mahayogi has received and accepted their pure heart and their wish to introduce the Universal Teaching of Truth in Taiwan.

Schedule of Shri Mahayogi’s visit to Taipei:

Satsangha (100 minutes)

March 18 (Sat) 2:30 pm at  JOYFUL LIVING / 心悦人文空間
March 21 (Tue) 7:30 pm at  JOYFUL LIVING / 心悦人文空間
March 23 (Thu) 7:45 pm at  SPACE YOGA

Special Class—Asana and Meditation (120 minutes)

March 19 (Sun) 2:30 pm at  JOYFUL LIVING / 心悦人文空間
March 22 (Wed) 2:30 pm at  JOYFUL LIVING / 心悦人文空間

For information in Chinese, please check Taiwan Sangha’s blog
For general information in English, please e-mail us