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Echo From The Cave: 159

Monday November 29, 2021 NYC

CELEBRATION: Report from Satguru Jayanti, 2021

“I am very pleased to hear the many powerful and beautiful vows. I am so glad to hear you all have been deepening Yoga vigorously and cheerfully regardless of the difficult situations of the past one or two years. I am hoping to see all of your faces again in the near future.” 

—The words of Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa at the end of Satguru Jayanti, 2021


Jai Satguru Jayanti, Jai!
at the glorious lotus feet of our Beloved Guru, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahamsa, who has been tirelessly teaching out of the most Pure Love and Grace for 45 years in Japan, for 25 years in New York and in other parts of the world. The gratitude we feel for Shri Mahayogi’s taking on form to live among us and to be our constant guide is inexpressible. How delighted we were to be able to see the beautiful and powerful form of the Master, even if it was only for one glimpse, after a long time…


Satguru Jayanti—November 23rd—is the day that marks the holy birth of Shri Mahayogi, the day that the formless took on form. This joyous occasion was celebrated and commemorated amongst gurubai throughout Japan, Taiwan, Europe and New York.

The preparations for such a sacred event direct all of our minds to return again and again to Shri Mahayogi, and the significance of his life, his presence and his mission in this world. Jayanti messages filled with words of recognition, gratitude and conviction for Yoga were offered to Shri Mahayogi by many different gurubai from various locations in the world.

From the New York sangha, there were two Jayanti messages featured during the Jayanti ceremony as video messages, coming from two of the gurubai who have come to establish a regular practice of asana and meditation with the New York sangha throughout the past year—Imani in New York and Anthony in France. And in addition, this year the New York sangha also offered a song to Shri Mahayogi, with original lyrics and performance:


The offering to Shri Mahayogi
on this most holy occasion of Satguru Jayanti
the 45th & 25th Anniversaries of the Mahayogi Mission
in Japan and New York, respectively,
and the expansion to Taiwan,
to many hearts throughout the world.


1:  About the Birth

Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahamsa
You appeared in this world to unveil the Truth,
which had been forgotten, hidden from our eyes
So through grace the formless took form just to guide.

Your divine birth, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night
Your divine grace, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night

It is true, It is true, you came down for our sake
It is true, It is true, all to lead us to the Truth
It is true, It is true, you shine through all darkness
It is true, It is true, Grace manifests through your birth

2:  About His Realization

Awakened to the True Self at a tender age
Beyond Advaita Vedanta is your realization.
You’ve remained void of all duality
Yet you live among us, so we see Truth crystalized.

Your state of Truth, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night
Your life conveys Truth, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night

It is true, It is true, you are the Truth Supreme
It is true, It is true, all-pervading serenity
It is true, It is true, you’re the purest of the pure
It is true, It is true, you enrapture all our hearts

3:  About His Time of Inquiry

Even though your state was already perfected
you immersed without rest in deep meditation,
you revealed the Truth till no question remained,
law of the universe, secret of mind, breath and body

Unparalleled tapas, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night
Your Fire of Truth, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night

It is true, It is true, for humanity you went through it all
It is true, It is true, you verified directly through your form
It is true, It is true, no subtlety hides from view
It is true, It is true, by your grace the path comes clear

4:  Truth is Within

By illuminating the Pure and the True
You show us our true nature is ever-free.
You say to seek within where Truth dwells already,
Be still and know that we’re Absolute Immortal Existence.

Feel the Truth vibrating, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night
Feel the Truth within, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night

It is true, It is true, “I am That” “You are That”
It is true, It is true, Yes, “There is only That”
It is true, It is true, “That” alone is Reality
It is true, It is true, “That” itself is the Atman

5:  All is Manifestation of That 

Seeing only the singular Existence behind all
You show all forms and names as manifestation of One.
You say act through pure love and harmony
For all is God, we are all That, Joy permeates.

Every single life, so sacred, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night
Every single life, so divine, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night

It is true, It is true, seeing the One shine through all forms
It is true, It is true, your love imbues all with holiness
It is true, It is true, the invitation to return to pure Joy
It is true, It is true, ever-leading us to salvation

6:  Sanatana Dharma 

Sanatana Dharma, Eternal Truth
Holy gospel reigns in our heart endlessly
Each era you come to establish the Truth
The great blessing and proclamation of the Awakened

Ever-steady and certain, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night
The Glory of Love, no one can deny it, just like the sun rises after the night

At your feet, we bow down, witness to this most divine gift
At your feet, we bow down, unshakeable faith in our hearts
We vow and devote to spread the dharma through our living proof
We vow and devote to live the legacy of our beloved Guru


Below is the letter written to Shri Mahayogi on this occasion of Jayanti by Karuna, who was the lead of this offering of song:

Dear and Beloved Master, Shri Mahayogi,

“I want to be inhabited only by You.”

This was a statement in my Jayanti message to you last year. I wanted to fully embrace and live by “Yoga for my sake and for the sake of others.” With that longing in my heart, I decided to make concrete efforts to become more receptive to your words so that I could open more space within me for Shri Mahayogi and for Yoga to become part of me. That has been the direction I have tried to move in this past year.

My report to you Shri Mahayogi, is that even with this clearer aim guiding me, I experienced what you have pointed out many times, Yoga requires great fortitude and determination. Since I did not know how to gain that fortitude right away, I simply continued asking myself over and over: “Does what I am thinking, doing or saying match the intention I expressed to my Master last year of wishing to be ‘inhabited only by You?’” I cannot say that I have been able to make myself a perfect vessel for You, but what I can say is that this hope has made me more aware of how, when, and why my mind leads me away from my aim, and this has made a difference. For example, I began to notice the many and repetitive opportunities that come about in daily life to lead my mind back toward my aim of “being inhabited only by You,” and to try, in common daily situations, to turn my focus toward you and your teachings.

Interestingly, in an effort to find the fortitude needed to redirect my mind toward this aim, over and over, I have had to go deeper within me, to a place where I can be with you silently, listening to You more calmly… I am surprised at the way things go when it comes to Yoga and Shri Mahayogi! You see, the wanting to be “inhabited only by You,” is what gradually led me to become more aware that you were already in me! This unexpected discovery gives me much hope and courage every day because You are so very near, Shri Mahayogi!

Using your teachings, I also began to reason, “If Shri Mahayogi is in me, Shri Mahayogi must be in everyone too! Why not?” This deduction made sense, but it was not so easy for me to readily sense You in others. However, as things went, I came upon some images of Yasoda and Krishna, the child, and suddenly felt that the enchanting tenderness and the child-like mischievousness of Baby Krishna naturally led me to enjoy the thought that Krishna the child lives in everyone around me. Looking around with an imaginative eye and burning wish in my heart to be in the company of Krishna, I started to look for Him in others. I imagined him playing everywhere, in the bodies of everyone around me, no matter what a person looks like, how they behave, speak, their age… Krishna can hide in anyone! This playful way of looking at others, has been lightening up my days and interactions.

One day, however, as I was pondering about Krishna and his many stories of childhood and adulthood, I pondered that Krishna is actually the same as Shri Mahayogi, because both are completely pure; because absolutely no harm can possibly come from either. This led me to think that Shri Mahayogi is in everyone too, playing everywhere just like Krishna! Once again, while looking for you, I found that you are already there!

Shri Mahayogi, I do not know how things will go from now on, but I know one thing: You are here! This makes all the difference, because You make it so that there is no reason to have any concern at all—You ease the way. For the first time, I can breathe, live, experience something that I could not experience before. I would like to continue to be with You and to share the lovely and playful reality that you open up. I hope that if I continue to be more and more receptive to your words and your teachings, you will continue to bless us all with your presence, and to play with all of us.

As a young child, I was taught to pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” Today, on your Jayanti, I would like to say, “Your kingdom has come, let your will be done! May we always be inhabited only by you! And may we spread the great news to as many as possible! Let your will be done near and far!”

Jai, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, Ki! Jai!

Bowing at your Blessed Feet,

奉納詩 日本語訳 (Translation of lyrics in Japanese)

1: 聖誕




2: 彼の悟り




3: 探求




4: 内なる真理




5: 全ては『それ』の顕現




6: サナータナ・ダルマ 永遠の真理

サナータナ・ダルマ 永遠の真理



Jai Gurudeva!!!!!!!
OM TAT SAT, OM!!!!!!!

Echo From The Cave: 158

Monday November 1, 2021 NYC

Announcement: MYM’s Online Asana & Meditation Classes NOW Open for ALL

Starting from November, all Mahayogi Yoga Mission Asana & Meditation online classes are now expanding to ALL practitioners, including those who are new to our practice! 

The state that emerges from beyond the mind through the gradual stilling of the various waves of mind activity that are constantly moving, never letting us rest for even a moment, is the ultimate and original aim of Yoga. Since ancient times, this state has been described as Bliss or True Freedom, the inherent and natural state of the Self.

Mahayogi Yoga Mission’s Asana & Meditation classes introduce participants to the path of Yoga that is instructed to the disciples of the great Master of Yoga, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, who himself spontaneously realized the state of Yoga at the age of 8, and in response to the request of seekers, has been quietly teaching and conveying this aim of Yoga and the path to reach it for more than 40 years.

The time for asana and meditation is a precious time and equally so is the opportunity to learn and practice together! We are very happy to be able to expand our online classes and be able to welcome all levels, including very beginners and those who may have experience elsewhere but are new to our practice.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending for the first time, please visit our WELCOME PAGE for further instructions.

Classes will be held:

Tuesdays 8 – 9:30am EST
Wednesdays 7 – 8:30pm EST
Fridays 7 – 8:30pm EST
Sundays 9 – 11:30am EST

Visit our ONLINE SCHEDULE & REGISTRATION page to sign up.
We ask that everyone sign up 24 hours in advance so that we can best prepare for all participants.

For further inquiries, please contact