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Echo from The Cave:38

Tue Dec 8th, 2015 7:07 am, NYC


Jai Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa Ki Jai!!!



It was with pure delight and deepest gratitude
for our Venerable Master
Satguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahansa
and his sacred words of Truth
that we wish to announce
that the next cycle of Pranavadipa,
The Light of Resounding Truth,
begins Today, December 8th.


Now that the first year 12 volumes have been released to subscribers, we wanted to create a sample page for those who are not yet subscribers to get a glimpse of what powerful insights subscribers receive every month. To wrap up this first year, we sent out inquiries to some of the subscribers asking them to tell us which volume they liked best and why. Indeed, we saw the phenomenon of “ten minds, ten answers.” Almost all the answers are unique.

In the end, we decided to select Vol. 12 for our sample, and now that volume and the table of contents for volumes 1 to 12 have been made available for you to view on the publication page on our website.



Our Beloved Master,
As the reader’s comments indicate,
Your Sacred Existence,
Your Pranava—Your words of Truth
really have the power to change the course of our lives!

Jai Satguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahansa ki Jai!

 We humbly bow before you.



Pranavadipa is like an answered prayer. While I love the book ‘SATORI’ and it contains the words and teachings of Sri Mahayogi, I tend to read it straight through. What I like about Pranavadipa is that I spend a month on each volume as it comes out, reading and re-reading sections every night. I feel much closer to Sri Mahayogi than I did before Pranavadipa. I feel as though he is right in front of me teaching me through this! I also feel like I am a part of the Sangha in Japan, and feel a connection to Sangha members around the world.”    (MJ Yazzetti, New York)

Pranavadipa creates a feeling of anticipation for me every month, because I look forward to reading what topics will be discussed during the satsanga and what the personal testimonies will be about. It is through Pranavadipa that I came to learn of the twelve depending originations of Buddha, which motivated me to want to know more about Buddha’s teachings. What I greatly enjoy about Pranavadipa is how much deeper topics are delved into when there is uncertainty. Answers are often looked at from various angles giving the reader a broader perspective. Plus we have the added benefit that most of these questions come from more advanced disciples who deeply want to understand Shri Mahayogi’s teachings, whose inquiry goes beyond the surface. In turn, the depth Shri Mahayogi will go into when answering these questions provides greater understanding of his teachings than the level at which we have now.”    (L Spence, New York)

On “Teachings of Shri Mahayogi”:

Vol. 1: ‘Truth is One,’ Sri Mahayogi is letting the entire world know that Truth is Truth, and It is already inside and available to access by everyone. He defies the stereotype of a Guru being from India. Also, in ‘New Wine for New Bottles,’ He is telling everyone that there are no circumstances preventing anyone from becoming Enlightened. It is for everyone, regardless of job or lifestyle. This is great comfort to a beginner.”

Vol. 2: because it gives a basic overview of Yoga and relates it to Buddhism, and includes the most useful testimony from a practitioner.”

Vol. 3: The crystal clear explanation of what meditation truly is and how we should strive to attain it has been the most helpful to me in terms of my actual practice. It inspires me to try to use every experience everyday to go further in rejecting my own notions about what things are, and to try and discern deeper and deeper levels of concentration on the pure essence of existence.”

Vol. 4: One of the most powerful teachings that really made an impression on me was in the satsangha from Volume 4. Sri Mahayogi’s explanation of the relationship between fear or anxiety and attachment to possessions really demystified the origin of fear and how to overcome it. The way he explains the practical day-to-day understanding and how it can eventually lead us toward the great goal that we are striving toward inspired me to put it into action!”

Vol.5: One thing I love about Pranavadipa is that we get to see Sri Mahayogi speak autobiographically and “hear” him describe his own life experience, particularly as a child or a high school student. This is really precious to me because Sri Mahayogi doesn’t speak about these things in every satsangha. When we get the opportunity to read a new satsangha every month, then we are bound to get some of these fascinating insights from time to time. I particularly like Sri Mahayogi’s discussion about how he was practicing Yoga without having any knowledge of scriptures or teaching or anything, just Buddha as his ideal.”

Vol. 6: There are many great disciples asking real practical questions. This displays their passion for the teachings of the Guru and their thirst for Truth. Regardless of whether it’s coming from seeking an answer to counter fear or the uncertainty of life, their motivation of eagerness to help others, or simply their wanting to know the Truth or love for God. They show unparalleled honesty and passion toward that end.

These questions were asked 19 years ago, and by knowing a few things about these outstanding elders 19 years later, this gives solid proof of the transformative power of Yoga when embraced and practiced with a genuine heart. This fact gives me inspiration to look forward evermore to the glorious journey ahead.

In practical terms, as different as they are as individuals, I do see part of myself in all of their reflections. Therefore, those questions of the past are my questions at this time. And the ones that I am not quite conscious of, I will be able to make use of them in some time. It almost seems like Shri Mahayogi’s answers are directed toward me personally. I do learn a great deal from this Satsangha. Thank you translation team!”

Vol. 7: The explicit instructions for actual practice are, to me, the most concrete and practical of all the very practical advice and teachings within the entire Pranavadipa. Without constantly returning to the basic understanding of yogic psychology outlined in this volume, it is impossible to make much progress, however much asana one practices. Or at least, this has been my own experience.”

Vol. 8: ‘Do not do what you want to do, then you will be able to do what you want to do.’ Ever since the moment I read it, this article has been constantly stuck in my mind.”

Vol. 9: this one in particular would be a favorite because her question is one that I have been struggling with for quite a while. The words and teachings of Sri Mahayogi on this topic are so deep and for me they were difficult to grasp fully. When reading it one knows they are hearing from no ordinary human. These are the words of a Master!!!”

Vol. 10: of Pranavadipa has lots of teachings that really stayed with me. Most of all was the fact that when a disciple asked about parabhakti, the state of supreme love for God, Sri Mahayogi began his answer by describing the structure of the mind from the perspective of yogic psychology and building his answer on that foundation to explain how surrendering the mind to God leads to Awakening. This manner of connecting the empirical aspects with the mystical aspects of Yoga is one of the many things that makes Sri Mahayogi’s teachings so unique!”

Vol. 11: ‘The Attitude of Seekers’: Intensely practical advice on how to translate the isolation of sadhana into effective and constant daily practice. I guess that for me, the most practical teachings are the most easily relatable, as well as the most inspiring.”

Vol. 12: because it seemed to have very practical advice.

I really like teachings which you can apply immediately in your daily practice; in daily life; moment to moment. I felt issue #12 really spoke to my current situation.”


On “Testimonies from Actual Practitioners”:

Vol. 4: ‘What is Yoga? Part 4: Power of Asana is Great’ This testimony from Mr. Shimada comes back into my mind often when I struggle with my asana practice. The advice to encourage oneself by remembering that this effort results in tapas, and that tapas is the key to self-purification, has helped me immensely and continues to help me every day!”

Vol. 6: ‘Buddha’s Enlightenment – The Twelvefold Dependent Originations’ is My favorite.

I like this because I believe this is the first thing, and maybe the most important thing that an individual who is just starting out on the spiritual path has to understand. Once this is fully grasped there is no way back. It is like a crack in a dam. Once the dam of ignorance is understood and has been broken, the pure Yoga is going to flow naturally through one’s body. Understanding this is like a skydiver that takes the jump. Once he did it there is no way back. The gravity of the Truth will take care of the rest. This writing contains the wisdom that’s going to make one take that jump. Sanatana’s words are so beautiful written that not only can one understand the meaning but he or she is also excited to start on this journey.

My love to Shri Mahayogi for guiding his disciple to write such inspiring words about the importance of starting a spiritual journey!”

Vol. 7: ‘What is Yoga? Part 5: Actualy Practicing Meditation’ of Mr. Shimada that carefully explicates each limb of Raja Yoga.

Vol. 9: ‘Dedication on the day of Shri Mahayogi’s Jayanti 2014′  To me, this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read. The vulnerability and Light in Sadhya is palpable. Her words connected with me deeply.”

Vol. 10: ‘Transformation through Bhakti: Jayanti Speeches from 2007, 2009 and 2011′ What I particularly like about this is seeing her spiritual growth and transformation over this time. It is black and white proof that discipline, Kriya Yoga and spending time in the teachings of Sri Mahayogi do transform an individual, and this helps me want to strengthen my resolve to practice diligently.”

Vol. 11: ‘The Meaning of Life: Third Phase of Life’ The reason for this is that I was fascinated with Sananda’s passion with Awakening, and how he truly demonstrated that no matter what situation one is facing, as long as one is determined to realize the Truth, he is on the right path toward Yoga. His story is very inspiring for me.”

Vol. 12: ‘Guru, The Master’  Beautifully, simply and clearly written. If you read this article, there is no question any more about the necessity of a Guru in the spiritual practice.”


Pranavadipa is a Monthly Publication of Online Study Material containing the Teachings of Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa & the Experiences of Practitioners that is available by annual subscription. A new volume of Pranavadipa is issued on the 8th of every month, that means Today, Tuesday December 8th!!!

December 8, begins the Next Circle of 12 Volumes,
so please remember to sign up or update your subscription!

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Echo from The Cave:37

Sun Dec 6th, 2015 7:05 am, NYC

Subscription system is ready for the next cycle of Pranavadipa!

Please go to our website to re-subscribe.

Before Reading Vol. 13, we recommend that you read “The Search for True Life—The Meaning of Life Part 1 of 4” on the Mahayogi Yoga Mission website, so that you can prepare yourself to read Part 2 of 4 in ” Testimonies from Actual Practitioners” on Vol. 13.


The Real self

I just want to be myself! Be yourself! These are phrases we hear used daily and we ourselves have used from time to time. But who is this “self” we claim we want to be. How did you come to this conclusion that this is who “I am”? This question of who the “self” really is, is what’s raised in the first article of a four part series written by Sanatana in 1999 entitled, “The Search for True Life—The Meaning of Life.”

Sanatana’s approach to this subject is very fascinating, yet different. The question is not raised from a philosophical stand point, such as “Who Am I” in the grand scope of life; but rather, when I look in the mirror, how did this individual I claim to be, come to be. These thoughts I possess, these desires, these goals… how did I come to claim these as my own? For the uncertain mind that does not know what to do with their life, or wanting to become a productive member of society, having a sense of our real identity is paramount for true success. This is what Sanatana goes on to answer for us as he presents a systemic approach we can take to uncover the Real self.




Pranavadipa is a Monthly Publication of Online Study Material containing the Teachings of Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa & the Experiences of Practitioners that is available by annual subscription. A new volume of Pranavadipa is issued on the 8th of every month, that means Tuesday December 8th!!!

December 8, begins the Next Circle of 12 Volumes,
so please remember to sign up or update your subscription!