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Sun Dec 6th, 2015 7:05 am, NYC

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Before Reading Vol. 13, we recommend that you read “The Search for True Life—The Meaning of Life Part 1 of 4” on the Mahayogi Yoga Mission website, so that you can prepare yourself to read Part 2 of 4 in ” Testimonies from Actual Practitioners” on Vol. 13.


The Real self

I just want to be myself! Be yourself! These are phrases we hear used daily and we ourselves have used from time to time. But who is this “self” we claim we want to be. How did you come to this conclusion that this is who “I am”? This question of who the “self” really is, is what’s raised in the first article of a four part series written by Sanatana in 1999 entitled, “The Search for True Life—The Meaning of Life.”

Sanatana’s approach to this subject is very fascinating, yet different. The question is not raised from a philosophical stand point, such as “Who Am I” in the grand scope of life; but rather, when I look in the mirror, how did this individual I claim to be, come to be. These thoughts I possess, these desires, these goals… how did I come to claim these as my own? For the uncertain mind that does not know what to do with their life, or wanting to become a productive member of society, having a sense of our real identity is paramount for true success. This is what Sanatana goes on to answer for us as he presents a systemic approach we can take to uncover the Real self.




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