Echo from The Cave: 9

Mon Dec 8th, 2014 06:00am Manhattan, NYC

Those who yearn to know Shri Mahayogi and his teachings more and more,
Those who yearn to deepen your practice and understanding of Yoga,
You must be waiting for so long!
We have a great news.

Today, December 8th, 2014,
commemorating the day of Buddha’s Enlightenment,
Mahayogi Yoga Mission
announces with great joy and delight
that it will launch its latest publication, 

The Light of Resounding Truth


 Pranavadipa is a web-based publication through which
the sacred teachings of Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa

will be available by annual subscription.

Studying and meditating upon the teachings of Shri Mahayogi
inspires our practice, stokes the flames of our passion,
and helps redirect our focus to the Truth alone.
The radiance of Shri Mahayogi’s simple yet profound teachings
burns like a torch of Truth
to light the way of our spiritual path.


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