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Fri Nov 27th, 2015 6:56 am, NYC


A RECEIVER’S VOICE: Pranavadipa Vol. 12 – Teachings of Shri Mahayogi

The recent issue of Pranavadipa, Volume 12, entitled Practical Methods of Meditation, was just that: very practical approaches to meditation, whether one is just beginning or has many years of experience.

If you pay attention, you will recognize that this volume chronicles three separate satsanga from 2001 to 2002, centering around a seeker, in this case Ms. Endo (Mirabai), from her first satsanga with Shri Mahayogi to a year and four months later. These three sastangha capture her sincere effort in wanting to know how to correctly meditate. It is an inspiring example that shows how having the attitude of a seeker who is willing to practice Shri Mahayogi’s advice proactively, enables a seeker’s experience to deepen.

The conversations between Shri Mahayogi, Ms. Endo and the other disciples bring forth practical insights and applications that all of us practitioners of Yoga can take something from in order to further our meditation experiences and daily practice.

It is said that meditating on the physical form of God is the easiest way to experience the Truth, but when one chooses to meditate on their ideal, how do we truly experience the real essence of that Being? How do you come to understand your ideal on a personal level, not just intellectually based on what’s written in books? What are the effects of daily meditation on someone’s life and how does Meditation influence this? Should we be anxious to really want to experience realization? These are some of the questions raised through these satsanga in Pranavadipa vol. 12, in which you get to experience not just how Shri Mahayogi answers them but also how he teaches Ms. Endo and the other disciples. These are a few of the highlights I have presented, you may find more that can aid you in your personal journey of meditation.




Pranavadipa  is a Monthly Publication of Online Study Material containing the Teachings of Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa & the Experiences of Practitioners that is available by annual subscription. A new volume of Pranavadipa is issued on the 8th of every month, that means Tuesday December 8th!!!

December 8, begins the next circle of 12 volumes, so please remember  to sign up or update your subscription!

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