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Sat June 18th, 2016 9:15 pm, NYC

The Universal Gospel of Yoga:
The Words of Sadguru Śrī Mahāyogī Paramahaṃsa


Jai Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa!!!
Sat June 11th, 2016 at 2PM,
the book release event for the third edition of The Universal Gospel of Yoga,
the spoken words of our master Satguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahansa,
was held at Integral Yoga Institute.




Kamalakshi opened the event,
The Universal Gospel Of Yoga in her hand.

After greeting the audience, she read “The Aim of Life” from The Universal gospel Of Yoga with her full and resounding voice, thus setting the tone by immediately establishing the seriousness and clear purpose of the gathering:

“Be still and know that I am God.
God is the Truth within one and all.
There is no need to seek it in some far away place—It is nearest here and now.”
—Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa




“Salutation to the Glorious primal Guru, Shri Adinatha,
who instructed the knowledge of hath a yoga
which shines forth as a stairway
for those who wish to ascend the highest stage of Yoga,
Raja Yoga!”

—from Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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Reading: “The Time For Meditation” 




DSC00469Kamalakshi vivaciously shared her story of the special occasion when Shri Mahayogi came to the home of her two mothers, Mammy Tess (mother – 80 years old) and, Mammy Love (her aunt 85 years old). There was always constant fighting between these two strong characters. Her aunt would say, “When I talk, no dog bark! I must have respect, I am the elder!” Her mom would say, “Tree grow come catch tree, I am an adult!” Kamalakshi couldn’t handle them anymore, and asked Shri Mahayogi what to do. Shri Mahayogi said he would visit.

The day came. Kamalakshi introduced them to Shri Mahayogi as a yogi pastor. Mammy Love kept talking and telling stories to show how strongly she practiced being a Christian in her life, and in the back, Mammy Tess was behind her saying quietly, “Don’t listen to her…!” Shri Mahayogi let them go on talking, until the moment came, that Mammy Love finally said,

DSC00472 “I am tired of talking…”

Shri Mahayogi finally spoke, and thus the teaching of “The Truth of Love” in The Universal Gospel of Yoga was born. He delivered the teaching directly to them as they listened in silence and awe.


DSC00476It is not everyday that one finds that he has lived most of his life in a prison created by his own mind. It can take years and lifetimes just to discover that simple fact. Through the blessings of Shri Mahayogi and The Universal Gospel of Yoga, Ekanta explained how, after years of struggle, the words of The Gospel brought him face to face with his own mind and its various attachments to the world. He came to understand that these attachments only brought him suffering, and that by applying Shri Mahayogi’s teachings from The Universal Gospel of Yoga “in our daily lives using our bodies and minds” we can set ourselves free. Although Ekanta is tied to this prison of the mind’s creation, he now knows that he can start digging himself out by using the  teachings of Yoga that he has been blessed to receive from the Master.

It is not easy to recognize for yourself that you have become dependent on the approval of the people around you, allowing the desire to be accepted to dominate your every decision. Sadhya shared that it was the daily practice of asana and meditation along with regularly reading The Universal Gospel of Yoga that allowed her to first catch a glimpse of the source of the pain that she had been trying to escape from for so many years. The following words from the Gospel helped her gain strength and clarity of mind, and came to be her constant guide: “The real work is for the realization of the Self. Pay no mind to what others think of you, just deepen the search for the Self.” She spoke about how the opportunity of working on the editing of The Universal Gospel of Yoga allowed her to understand more deeply the immense value of the teachings and true aim of Yoga—to become completely free of all the mind’s attachments and creations. Sadhya is very thankful to have experienced much transformation in her life as a result of the grace of Shri Mahayogi and the guidance that The Universal Gospel of Yoga provides.


Q & A:


A woman asked how quickly The Universal Gospel of Yoga might impact someone’s life.


 Aniruddha answered candidly that the teachings go into the heart and slowly begin to make sense only as you apply them in your daily life.




Kamalakshi thanked the audience on behalf of the Mahayogi Yoga Mission for holding the energy in the space and for allowing us to share the readings with them. Then she joyously announced that our master, Shri Mahayogi, would be arriving in NY next week for a 3-month long visit!!!



Since the beginning, the publication of the new edition of The Universal Gospel of Yoga has been a journey which has brought sangha together to work for a common goal. The public launching of the book gave us an additional opportunity to work together even more closely, pushing us to put our faith and trust in the Master. It is as if he is what holds us together, teaching us throughout the process itself.

We are all immeasurably grateful that Shri Mahayogi is guiding us in every moment. We bow to the Master and thank him for The Universal Gospel of Yoga.





On the way back to the Cave…





 Yasoda repaired the Sahasrara Chakra Mat at our Sangha house in Astoria.


Ekanta and Nandi built the screen.DSC00421


IMG_0115We rehearsed during our class time.





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