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Monday Aug 10, 2020 NYC

Report: Talk Held at Company
as an Introduction to our First Online Program
Positive Transformation in Times of Change:

On  August 6th Mahayogi Yoga Mission held an online talk for a company on understanding the nature of the mind and cultivating inner fortitude—from the perspective of Yoga as a science. This talk was a preparation to the MYM program coming up this Friday, August 14th 7 – 8 PM.  

The following is a summary written by the company’s event organizer:

Sadhya and Aniruddha presented their keen observations and experimenting on changing their own mind habits in relation to various personal and professional matters.

How do we even begin to understand the nature of the mind during these tough times?

Working in teams, working from home, facing our mind, and dealing with emerging emotions that we usually cover up (fear, worry, anxiety, you name it)—these are exactly the things that currently constitute the content of the minds of most people around the world, as we live through the Covid-19 world conditions and changes; and they are exactly the things that, when and if shifted, can have significant effects on our lives and on the lives of those around us.

The same mind crosses through the East and the West and operates similarly in any human being (ancient or modern, and of any cultural background); what yogi of the ancient East found is being confirmed today by science in the modern West. This science is therefore timeless and relates to anyone anywhere.

In an objective and personable way that focused on exploring the thoughts and questions that naturally emerge from within our minds as we go about seeking something to rely on when we find ourselves standing on shaken grounds, our guest speakers laid out, on the operating table, the scientific step-by-step process of observing, identifying, and experimenting with its content and, in doing so, cultivating inner fortitude.

Through various relatable examples from their personal and professional lives, Sadhya who works as a high school teacher and Aniruddha who operates a small pest-control business in NY, shared scenarios of the mind that are common to everyone, like “comparing ourselves to others around us” “putting others down so we feel better about ourselves” “worrying about the opinions of others about us” and “refusing to see the lows of a relationship, while clinging to its highs”—all common human issues. The specifics may differ among people, but the mind operates in the same way.

It was explained that in order for us to walk away from the rollercoaster of the mind and its emotional ups and downs, we need to turn our seeking inwards—we need to understand our own mind and emotions in order to be able to walk away from the mind’s habitual dependence on externally changing conditions. Unlike the usual habit of the mind of thinking that the person in front of us is the issue, the real work begins when we accept that all these thoughts are actually happening within our own mind!

By turning inwards the mind’s external direction (that usually seeks the material gains of happiness and joy found in the world), and by directing it towards our own self, is where we can truly begin. Happiness and independence from these thoughts is found within us in the depth of the mind, and to become aware of what our mind is holding onto is the first step in this opportunity that the current world condition is presenting us with. Then the inquiry starts!

When we look inwards, what emerges from within us is a common factor: our Oneness—the Universal Essence. Then, seeing our self in the person in front of us whether we are working together or speaking with one another, we can then treat others in the way we treat our own selves. We then need to observe our mind’s patterns and inquire into why our mind is presenting us with such thoughts. The internal work of trying to detach from these thoughts can significantly lessen the weight of any negative emotions, and facing this can bring about real positive transformation—especially at this time.


In MYM’s upcoming public program, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into the teaching of Yoga that can be applied positively by anyone in our current changing times, as we examine what the True Independence of Yoga really means.

This Friday August 14th, 7 – 8pm

Positive Transformation in Times of Change:

In the midst of unexpected and changing circumstances,
the key is to learn the nature of the mind and cultivate inner fortitude.

Make sure to register to attend by Thursday, Aug. 13th at 7pm, at which time registration will close.

All are welcome to attend. No prior experience or knowledge of Yoga is necessary.

SPEAKERS: Aniruddha and Sadhya

Register HERE.
* Tickets will be available for purchase for up to 24 hours in advance.
* Please note that using Zoom is required for attending this program.
We will be happy to provide technical assistance to anyone who may need it.

Please reach out to for any inquiries about this event.

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