Echo From The Cave: 169

Thursday March 17, 2022 NYC

Talk at the End of the Asana & Meditation Class
Wednesday, March 16, 2022:

The Truth as a Refuge in Difficult Times

“Though the world may fall into turmoil, change and then disappear,
not even that would be cause for fear.”
~ Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa

The past few years have been difficult times indeed. While the pandemic seems to be having less of an impact here in the United States, many people are still being affected by it in one way or another. In Europe, the threat of a drawn-out conflict causing great suffering to many millions, and even perhaps of nuclear war, is looming. And in Japan, I just heard that another earthquake has hit near Fukushima.

In times when disasters and suffering seem to be striking everywhere, I find myself looking to the works of Shri Mahayogi and the Mahayogi Yoga Mission to find stability, comfort and peace.

It may be easy sometimes to forget how rich, varied and constantly accessible some of these resources are. Within this very blog, there are so many beautiful, inspiring words, from the Master and from our fellow gurubai all over the world! It is truly a blessing that at any moment, we can receive this inspiration and lift up our hearts and minds to draw a bit closer to Sanatana Dharma—the Eternal Truth.

When I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the state of the world and the plight of my fellow beings, of all the many wonderful messages I can revisit, I find that the very best one is the incredible video of Shri Mahayogi that Project Sahasrara made available in 2019. Amazingly, this video is hosted right on YouTube, where anyone can see it. I think that probably I have watched it at least 50 or 60 times, maybe more. There are weeks when I watch it every single day and sometimes more than once a day. It never fails to soothe my mind and strengthen my resolve and commitment to Yoga.

When I look at the footage of the Master included in the video, and the many photos of Him teaching in Raja Yoga classes and Satsangha in so many different places to so many various seekers, smiling so joyously, and when I read the accompanying words of Truth that so deeply and clearly explain what Yoga is, and that demonstrate why we should treasure the opportunity to practice and learn from such a Teacher, I can feel the power of those words flowing directly into my heart.

In particular, these words come back to my mind time and again in those moments of anxiety and grief:

“Though the world may fall into turmoil, change and then disappear, not even that would be cause for fear.”

Learning and practicing Yoga under the guidance of a true Guru offers a seeker a way to develop a mind that can overcome anything, even itself. As I walk along the path, attempting to get closer to the Master, I aspire to develop such a mind and become an able part of this great work, always remembering that these precious jewels are available to help me and everyone to keep moving forward, step by step, with humility, dedication, and ever-heightening passion.

~ Prajna

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