Petal: 26

Sat May 27th, 2017 1:30 am, NYC

Before the opening of the event


As it begins: A Seeker yearning for Buddha

“Buddha… Most Revered Buddha… Most Beloved Buddha…

What is Real?

“You left the palace,
you left wealth,
you left your wife,
you left your child…
Everything you left
to know the Truth.

So Buddha,
what IS Real?!”


“I think of you sitting under the Boddhi tree that day.
Already you had given up even the desire for your own life,
all to know the Truth.”


She sits and vows.

MC and the photographer from the Rubin Museum

“Withdraw the breath…
Withdraw the senses…
Withdraw the mind…

So that I can know only You.”










By this point, the space had
already begun to fill with silence.
It seemed that it was quite unexpected for the audience when she began to move…, and a few whispered curiosities to each other in the back.  But soon the only sound that resonated was the sound of camera’s shuttering from all around.


The audience was captured by the seeker’s intensity and single-pointedness.
Her eye gaze and body were completely still and fixed for a long time.
The audience was drawn into that stillness too and complete silence permeated the space.

Then, the seeker meditates.


The End

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