Echo From The Cave: 100

Thursday Jan 31, 2019 NYC

Severe weather in New York City  January 31, 2019

Location for Satsangha with Shri Mahayogi (Feb 2nd, 2019)

This Saturday’s special Satsangha with Shri Mahayogi
will begin at 3pm and be held at:

225E 26th St, # 4E
New York, NY

Space is limited.
If you have not confirmed your attendance already, please e-mail us to do so:
And please see our Eventbrite page for more info about the event fee, payable online by credit card through Friday 2/1, or at the door by cash or check.

If new to Mahayogi Yoga Mission, please arrive by 2:30pm. All other attendees, please arrive by 2:45pm. 

For attendees who have not pre-registered, for assistance with directions, or for any further questions please contact 828-243-1176 via text message.

Register for Satsangha through Eventbrite

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