Echo From The Cave: 101

Friday February 9, 2019 NYC 

Krishna holding Govardhan Hill

Editor’s Note: Pranavadipa Volume 51 

To learn the Truth, one must first find a teacher who has mastered it, one who knows through every ounce of their being. Then one must become humble in order to learn, taking one step at a time to bring one’s mind and actions into alignment with that Truth.

This month’s issue of Pranavadipa (Vol. 51) features a Satsangha that took place in Taipei, Taiwan, in March 2018. In this particular Satsangha, Shri Mahayogi gives practical teaching on what it means to walk the path of Yoga versus the path of karma, the preciousness of life, as well as the preciousness of the opportunity we have before us in every moment to turn from the path of karma and choose the path of Yoga. And at the very end of the Satsangha, there is a special treat for the reader: Shri Mahayogi reveals how he came to understand the world of suffering through the experience of Yoga, rather than through the typical means of study or instruction!

The Testimony this month brings us many words of inspiration from our brother and sister gurubai in Matsuyama, Japan, and is an excellent demonstration of how practitioners humble themselves to listen and to learn how to put the teaching of Yoga into daily practice through the words and examples of others who are also walking and learning the path of Yoga. This is the benefit of sangha, one of the three treasures: Buddha, Dharma and Sanga. The Testimony consists of some excerpts of questions and answers from several Satsangha that were given in Matsuyama by a senior disciple of Shri Mahayogi, as well as the learning and application of that learning by two practitioners who regularly participate in the Yoga activities of Matsuyama. If we read closely and with an attitude of humbleness, we can find many examples of how we, too, can take simple and practical steps along the path to bring ourselves to align with the path of Truth!

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