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Friday February 9, 2019 NYC

Shri Mahayogi’s Words of Truth Resound in NY:
Feburary 3rd Sadhana Program with Shri Mahayogi

Shri Mahayogi is visiting New York right now and directing the Sadhana Program (Asana & Meditation) each Sunday.

What is truly extraordinary and rather astounding about the asana practice that Shri Mahayogi bestows upon us is that it is coming directly from his own experience. It is indeed hatha yoga, and at first glance, it is easy to think that it is just ordinary hatha yoga. But is it really so? As we begin to practice and experience, we start to get the sense more and more clearly that Shri Mahayogi has experienced the deepest realms of the secret of asana, and it is to that very depth that he is leading us. If we look around and see how difficult it is to find anyone who has experienced and mastered asana to the level of depth as Shri Mahayogi and who then teaches it from that state, then we will start to understand how precious his teaching is!

The forms of the asana may very well look similar to the asana you can find anywhere, yet the content that lies at the heart of the asana is really not at all the same. The more we experience it, the more we will discover how fine-tuned his teaching is, down to subtlest detail, and how what he is giving us through this teaching is truly transformative. Even if we look at the course of history and the past records of asana teaching, has anyone really revealed asana to the extent that Shri Mahayogi is revealing it to us now?

Shri Mahayogi began to practice asana around the age of 14 without a teacher or book—the fact of the matter was that he did not even know these poses existed! But every night he would practice these positions for the following 16 years. In his case, since his body was incredibly flexible to begin with, he began practicing advanced looking asana right from the start. By doing that he discovered the secret of the breath in asana and what asana practice can offer in terms of realizing the true Self. He had already experienced Nirvikalpa Samadhi (complete Awakening) spontaneously at the age 8, so he did not need to practice asana for himself—we can only presume that he went through the experience of practice for the people who would come to follow him later on. This can be said for meditation as well. He meditated constantly beginning from the time he was in high school, but of course, his meditation was quite unlike that of regular people. He meditated on time, space, and the functions of the mind; he found the law of karma through meditation (just like Buddha) and much more. By the time he encountered a translation of the Yoga Sutra in Japanese around the time he was 21, he recognized that he had already experienced in person everything that is written therein and as such, verified the contents of the Yoga Sutra to be true. Shri Mahayogi’s knowledge of the Yoga Sutra is completely different from the knowledge that comes from intellectual understanding, like that of someone who has studied the Sutra well or who is a scholar. He is rather a walking example of the Yoga Sutra, and all his wisdom comes from his very own experiences. What is greater than that!!! It is so humbling that here we have this unbelievable opportunity to learn from such a Master!!!

This past Sunday, again we are reminded that the content of the Asana and Meditation that Shri Mahayogi teaches from his own experience of the ultimate state of Yoga is truly beyond compare!

Here we would like to share how Shri Mahayogi taught at the end of the last class about Asana, Meditation, and their true purpose.


“Everybody is searching for something that is certain—peace. Where does it exist? It exists beyond the mind. The true Self is neither the mind nor the body, of course. The authoritative scripture, the Yoga Sutra, states thus: ‘Yoga is the restraint of the activities of the mind. At that time—meaning when the mind is restrained—the Seer remains in its own natural state. And in all other cases the Seer is as if it is assimilated with the activities of the mind.’ Indeed, that is to say, we constantly make the mind act in this world and it is disturbed all the time. But if we can still the mind, at that time the Seer, that is the true Self, will awaken by itself. This is the realization of the Truth that Yoga aims for. Asana are preparation for that. Of course, asana can prepare the body by making it healthy and comfortable too. But what is far more important than that is to change the breathing habits.

The mind and breath are closely connected. When the mind is content and happy, the breath is calm as well. But when the mind is agitated or upset, the breathing becomes so disturbed. Even so, it is very difficult to control the mind directly. It is said that to control the mind is like catching the wind. But how about water? If you can make a container, you can control it or catch at least some. The body is likened to ice. It means that all three of these—solid, liquid and steam—are H2O. (smiling)  So, first you catch the ice, that is the easier [of the three] to catch—and that is asana. By practicing it, you can control the breath little by little. If the breath is always steady, then the mind will never become disturbed. So then, through that peace of mind, you heighten the concentration [in meditation]. Of course, the aim of meditation is to realize the true Self. Well, just like that, this Truth is within everyone already, even now. Realize That swiftly.

So, then see you at the next opportunity.”

                                                                           —Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa
                                                                                                                      February 3, 2019


Currently New York is the ONLY location in the world where Shri Mahayogi is regularly offering to instruct Asana and Meditation! What a blessing we have to be in New York, a place where yoga asana can be found as the latest trend on almost every corner, yet we have the opportunity to receive the ancient teaching directly from a true Master of Yoga!!

Join us each Sunday through March 3rd for the Sadhana Program with Shri Mahayogi—learn the practice of asana and meditation.

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Satsangha will still be held Feb. 23rd, 3:00-4:30pm. Location TBA.

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