Echo From The Cave: 117

Wednesday July 10, 2019 NYC

Shri Mahayogi has Arrived in New York & Programs Begin this Sunday!
EDITOR’S NOTE: Pranavadipa 56

Pranam to our great and most revered Master, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa!!!!

Tonight we welcome Shri Mahayogi’s arrival in New York with joyous hearts!

It is a mere few days before the first Yoga Sadhana program directed by Shri Mahayogi during this visit will be held (Sunday July 14th, 6-8pm at Still Mind Zendo).

This summer Shri Mahayogi will graciously offer regular Yoga Sadhana programs each week, including practice of asana and meditation, as well as three Satsangha (gatherings to request and receive teachings and guidance from Shri Mahayogi). See below for dates and pre-registration information.

Each and every opportunity to be in the presence of Shri Mahayogi and experience his teaching, whether in silence or through words, is a truly unique and precious opportunity, as Shri Mahayogi is unlike any teacher, in the more conventional sense of the word.

Most often if we attend a program offered by someone who is considered to be a teacher, many of us may expect to hear some kind of lecture, or to receive some kind of pamphlet of steps to follow to guide us along the way. And often times, it is the case that the teacher is prepared with special materials, a talk, or some sort of an agenda that has been planned out in advance, regardless of whether the students are known or unknown.

But as we learn in this month’s issue of Pranavadipa (Vol. 56), when asked “Why do you teach?” Shri Mahayogi’s simple response is:

“The answer is behind your words … I am empty.”

Indeed, our great master and teacher offers his words solely as a reflection of the true nature that already exists within one and all, that is, pure eternal Existence. He teaches us not by lecturing, or giving us a formula, but by showing us through his every way of being that the essence of each and every one of us is one and the same. The teaching may come variously and unexpectedly as we inquire and seek. But no matter the method he continuously and spontaneously guides each individual according to their circumstance and need in the moment—always towards the concrete experience of this inherent nature within.


For all programs with Shri Mahayogi, registration in advance is required in person during regular class or online.

Click to reserve a seat for Satsangha
Click to register for Yoga Sadhana

Saturdays, 7:30 – 9pm
– July 20
– August 10 & 31

Sundays 6 – 8pm
– July 14, 21, 28
– August 4, 11, 18, 25
– September 1


In this month’s issue of Pranavadipa (Vol. 56) the questions and answers that are compiled here from various Satsangha, are a clear demonstration of the depth of mastery and widespread knowledge that Shri Mahayogi provides to seekers. Shri Mahayogi seamlessly expounds on topics that range from how to practice pratyahara (control of the senses – the 5th limb of raja yoga), to the various forms and depths in which kriya yoga is practiced, to the mechanism of the mind and its relationship to time, to the spirit of renunciation, and the relationship of tapas and Brahman, to name a few—and throughout all teachings it seems as if Shri Mahayogi is not only emphasizing the importance of proactive discrimination of the mind’s activities as a part of the actual practice of Yoga, but is also giving a variety of forms that the practice of discrimination may take, essentially providing us with an array of tools that we can put to use at any given moment in our daily lives. One can’t help but feel that such a consistent level of detail and precision across all topics can surely only come as a result of direct experience. Indeed it is truly a  great honor to have the opportunity to learn from such Master!

The content from the various Satsangha in Vol. 56 provide an excellent taste of what Satsangha with Shri Mahayogi can be like and what kinds of questions can be asked. Like mentioned above, Shri Mahayogi reflects the answer to us that is already behind our own words. But in order to receive the profound offering of Shri Mahayogi’s most vibrant words, we must first inquire. Without the inquiry, Shri Mahayogi has no need to lecture or mention anything about what is already naturally inherent within us all.

Therefore, as we prepare to attend Satsangha and take these most valuable opportunities to learn from Shri Mahayogi, let us be inspired by this month’s issue of Pranavadipa, and also prepare our own genuine questions coming from our seeking along this path, so that we may humbly receive the profound yet keen guidance of Shri Mahayogi.


In this month’s Testimony, we have the opportunity to read the experience of Karuna as she strives to deepen in practice of Yoga and understand what the true meanings of santosha and ahimsa are through trying to put these two teachings to the test and apply them in daily life.

Oftentimes, as we approach the practice of Yoga, it can be challenging to know how to deepen in our practice and consequently, how to deepen in our understanding, going beyond simply making sense intellectually of what we have heard or what we have read. In Karuna’s example, however, we can see the efforts that she makes as well as how she is beginning to confront what she starts to discover within herself as a result of these efforts. It is the very process of how one goes about driving the practice deeper and deeper.

Indeed, true practice of Yoga often involves a breaking down of our own limited ideas and a re-training to align ourselves with the Truth. The sincerity of Karuna’s example can provide inspiration as well as concrete examples of how to apply practice to propel oneself deeper and towards real transformation of one’s very own self.


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