Echo From The Cave: 118

Friday July 26, 2019 NYC 

Shri Mahayogi’s Words of Truth Resound in New York,
“Sadhana Program with Shri Mahayogi” – July 21st, 2019

It is with great joy that we announce that on July 14th we welcomed our most revered Master, Shri Mahayogi, back to New York! Even though we might not have fully realized yet…how fortunate we are to be able to learn Asana and Meditation in the presence of Shri Mahayogi. And last Sunday, all who were attending the class received the extra blessing of Shri Mahayogi offering a time for Satsangha at the end of the class. He answered each question so energetically, straightforwardly and powerfully. During the first Satsangha, held just the night before, time passed very quickly and with multiple attendees from out of town or meeting Shri Mahayogi for the first time, some had expressed that they still had questions remaining even after time ran out that night. Upon hearing this, Shri Mahayogi graciously decided to offer this extra time to ask questions at the end of the Sadhana Program on Sunday (July 21st, 2019).

Here, we would like to invite you to read the words he spoke and receive the spirit of his message that shone like an unwavering light into the hearts of all attendees.


Q: If we are universal energy, why do we become humans?

MASTER: In order for this world and all things to be born, some materials or ingredients and a driving power are needed. That universal energy [you mentioned], that which causes it all to move, is prana. Prana, the power that moves this world and everything, is the power that creates all things. The workings of the mind too are activated by prana.

There’s a reason why a human is born into this shape of the body. It is karma. Karma means receiving in this life the results of the causes that were created in past lives. If you have a very intense attachment to animals or plants, then you may be born as that, the form that you wish for, in the next life. However, usually a human will repeat as a human. This [birth] creates karma, and it’s purpose is to bring that karma to an end and clear it out. As you sow, so shall you reap.

And what’s important is what I haven’t told you yet. Everyone goes through daily life, and there you experience various tastes—happiness, joy, pain, sadness and so on. On the whole, everything is suffering. Even if you think that you’ve lived a fortunate life, in the end, “death” comes. When death comes, you cannot take your loved ones, the material things you love, or anything whatsoever. Neither can you take happiness. But instead, you will bring karma with you. And in the next incarnation, you will reap what you have sown. If you investigate and find the cause of karma, you will arrive at the cause of being attached to your desires. The cause of your desires is ignorance. Ignorance is not knowing the Truth, rather, in opposition to that, the mind has mistaken karma [as the truth]. Unless one gets rid of ignorance, one cannot truly attain happiness.

Then what must you do? You must listen to the teachings of someone who has realized this Truth. That is the meaning of learning the scriptures. Scriptures are the words of Truth of these Awakened Beings from ancient times to modern times. And then, follow their advice or teachings and act upon them. Action does not only mean movements of the body, but includes words and thoughts within the mind. If you do that, then the mind can completely transform. Learning and practicing disciplines specialized for this is Yoga. Yoga is not simply about relaxation or healing. (smiling) Yoga is the teaching for realizing such Truth, which has also been passed down since ancient times as well. It includes various teachings and methods. However, what is important is to learn the Truth and realize It. One means is to inquire into “Who is the real Self?” What you normally think of as your mind is not the true Self. The true Self is the Pure Consciousness that is witnessing the mind. You see, even now, your mind is known by somebody. There is someone there within who knows that—that is the Pure Consciousness. Pure Consciousness does not say anything, It only sees. It only knows. However, That is your true Self. And that true Self is Immortal Existence. To know this, to realize this is the most important thing for a human being to do.


Q: How do you connect to and love others—family, friends—without attachment?

MASTER: True Love is to devote yourself to others. If you can do that, then true Love without expecting anything in return will arise.


Q: I remember once I heard that you mentioned that if Swami Vivekananda were here today he would be disappointed in the way we are understanding Yoga. So, my question is, is Shri Mahayogi disappointed in the way the world is practicing, and how can we encourage young people in the world to practice more of the right Yoga?

MASTER: I too strongly feel exactly the same as Swami Vivekananda. He sailed to the United States towards the end of the 19th century, and upon seeing the corruption of Christianity [in this country] he preached to them as well. A hundred years have passed since then, and because of him the philosophy of India and Yoga have come to be spread across the West. And in this current age, Yoga is very popular throughout the world. Yet people are merely using Yoga to meet easy requests, which are simply beauty, health, and relaxation. Indeed, that means that these [types of so-called] Yoga are corrupted. If I speak clearly, these [practices] are not Yoga at all. They are using Yoga and they are only imitating Yoga. Yoga, from the beginning to the end, is only spiritual; it is for liberating the Soul. I have been transmitting that alone. And there are people here who share the same thoughts—and I am very happy about that. So I would like you to continue this pure Yoga from India and continue to practice it from now on too. The fake always disappears once it is put in front of the real thing. Your Atman, the shining Truth within you, will make that come true. (smiling)



On Saturday July 20th, the first Satsangha of the three in this visit was held. The questions were active without any pause. From beginning to end it seemed as if the attendees hearts were captured by Shri Mahayogi and all were rapt with joy, laughter and light-heartedness as Shri Mahayogi answered question after question with such ease, such strength and such sheer enthusiasm for the pure Truth. This Satsangha will be shared in Pranavadipa, our online monthly publication.

May we all strive to actualize and experience these words of Truth.


We invite you all to attend the next Sadhana Program this Sunday July 28th and the next Satsangha on August 10th.

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