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Thursday Nov 26, 2020 NYC

Announcement & Report:
Online Program Disarming the Mind for Freedom

Part 2  Friday Dec. 4th, 7-8pm
Part 1 Friday Nov. 20th, 7-8pm

Mahayogi Yoga Mission presents Part 2 of its online program “Disarming the Mind for Freedom”, from its series Positive Transformation in Times of Change. Part 1 was held on Nov. 20th (see the report below for more details).

Program Description:
With our eyes fixed on the external world, internal observation of the mind is more challenging than ever before. Glimpse just beyond the realm of our immediate perception, to the battle waging constantly within our own minds that keeps us in an un-free state, and seek together with us to disarm its factions in a step towards Freedom.

All are welcome to attend. No prior experience or knowledge of Yoga is necessary. Attendance in Part 1 is not required to participate in Part 2.

SPEAKERS: Karuna and Sadhya

Register HERE.

* Tickets will be available for purchase for up to 24 hours in advance.
* Please note that using Zoom is required for attending this program.
* You will be emailed a Zoom link on the day of the program.
* We will be happy to provide technical assistance to anyone who may need it.
* We will open the Zoom space at 6:15 for attendees to enter and test that zoom is working properly.
* We highly encourage you to connect early to troubleshoot any unexpected issues and then return just before 7pm.
* On the day of the event, we will post a contact number here for any technical issues that may arise.

Please reach out to for inquiries about this event.


Report: Disarming the Mind for Freedom Part 1

What might “disarming the mind” mean?
What might it mean to have a “mind that is armed”?

Each and every one of us perceives and experiences this world through our own veil, a veil that colors that perception and often leads to our own limitation and our own struggle. But due to the nature of the veil, it is incredibly difficult to even see that there is a veil that we are always looking through, to examine its coloring, to step aside and try to see something else, to test what we hold in our mind to be certain and true.

Rather, it is commonplace that we hold a certain ideal—an ideal of who we are, an ideal way of being, an ideal way of thinking, an ideal way of acting in the world. But just because we have that ideal, even if it’s based in Yoga, it doesn’t mean that that ideal is what actually is the foundation upon which we live our day to day lives, no matter how much we believe it, speak about it, or try to live by it.

Between the veil through which we see and the contradictions that lie ever-so subtly hiding under the surface of the ideals about ourselves or the world that we hold, it seems that we stay tied up, intertwined and bound by the mind itself. A state that does not allow us to actually transform ourselves, to align with the ideals we strive for, or to open ourselves up to learn a new way, something that might possibly be unknown, and rather keeps us going around and round through an endless cycle of nothing but the same things in varying appearances.

Part 1 of MYM’s “Disarming the Mind for Freedom” program attempted to reveal the workings of the mind, its structure, the way in which it arms itself, and the state of being un-free that comes as its fruit. Through the personal examples of Karuna and Sadhya, along with the help of some visual diagrams (Echo From the Cave: 141), attendees explored and tried to glimpse the nature of the “armed mind” and were encouraged to look within themselves to reflect deeply upon what and how this “armed mind” looks in the details of their own lives and experiences.

The recognition of this “armed mind” within oneself may perhaps be very challenging, as Karuna spoke about from her own experience of coming to face this, yet this frank and honest recognition is an essential first step and the preparation that attendees were asked to take on before Part 2, which will be more focused on the “what’s next” aspect of actually disarming this “armed mind”.

Taking that first step of recognition, is in and of itself the start of one’s own transformation, and we look forward to seeing how that transformation can begin to grow in Disarming the Mind for Freedom Part 2!

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