Echo from The Cave: 63

Thu Nov 23th, 2017    NYC

Lord Shiva

Today is the day of JAYANTI,
Our Most Revered Guru’s Holy Birth.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude for Our Most Beloved Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa and his birth into this worldly realm. Without the concrete existence of his form and Truth that radiates from beyond the form, we may never know that Truth, Satori, actually exists, that it is not simply a story from ancient times, but It exits here and now and it is possible for us to attain if we firmly set this goal at the center of our hearts and then bring ourselves towards it tirelessly through devoted and constant practice. Our sincerest gratitude extends for the sacrifice that Shri Mahayogi has made to be here, leading us to know our true Self, the Truth.

In honor of this special occasion, in Kyoto, disciples and devotees gathered at the feet of Shri Mahayogi to celebrate this most joyous and significant event, offering messages of heartfelt devotion, dedication, and spiritual growth, as well as kirtan and a divine play from a story of the Upanishad.

In New York, we were very gratefully able to participate in this very special celebration with our brother and sister gurubhai, through live camera. We all, whether it was our first time witnessing this blessed moment or perhaps the second, were touched by the sacredness of the celebration. How much we long to catch a glimpse of our Beloved, to see his radiant smile, and to hear the comfort of his words. We are sincerely grateful we were able to witness something so precious, and to receive the wealth of inspiration and energy that comes from any moment spent in the presence of the Master and our fellow gurubhai.

Lord Shiva

We witnessed the world of the ancient scriptures appear before our eyes last night: Kirtan.
The kirtan was led by Anandi* with the sangha of Matsuyama following (the group was named by Shri Mahayogi 8 years ago as Shantimala). Anandi sat at the feet of the Satguru, directly in front of him, with 15 gurubhai from Matsuyama gathered around her, and with all other gurubhai in a fan shape surrounding them, and then offered her gratitude to our Beloved Master. Her presence, sitting in the center of the crowd, was so strong and grounded, like that of Hanuman—a symbol of the victory of indestructible Faith, the faith enough to cross an entire ocean in one leap, the victory of the Truth. Immediately, from the very first sound of her voice springing forth, glory, praise, love, devotion, dedication, joy and prayer to Lord Shiva, to God, to our Beloved Shri Mahayogi clearly and boundlessly radiated from her, then from the gurubhai from Matsuyama, and then penetrated into our hearts, and into the entire space. It was the manifestation of the fruit of her faithful unwavering commitment, the constant efforts she has been making through the many challenges she has gone through while sharing her devotion to Shri Mahayogi and to Yoga without distinction. Victory is for those who serve the Truth alone through pure faith and love. The strength of her presence felt as though so many of those who have yet to arrive were already there at her side, alongside her at the feet of the Master. In her offering we glimpsed the true heartfelt worship that comes as a result, not of words, but through the power of devotion, of love, and of surrender.

Lord Shiva

“Shiva! Shiva! If we only recite his name he bestows Life upon us.
Ignorance is destroyed and we can live in Truth.
Lord Shiva, Mahayogi, is Shri Mahayogi himself.
With gratitude, I offer this Kirtan to Shri Mahayogi.”

Shiva Shambo
Oh Lord Shiva Shambho, 
You are the destroyer of all fear,
the one who resides in the holy mountains of Kailasa,

He who accompanies Parbhati,
and Lord who leads the bounded soul

the consort of Mother Parvathi,
the one who holds the mighty Ganges in your matted Locks,
The Consort of Mother Gowri –
we pray and offer our humble salutations at Your Feet


Jai Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa Ki Jai!


Nine disciples from Taiwan were present. They came just to attend the Jayanti celebration, and for five of them it was their first time seeing Shri Mahayogi in Japan.

* Several articles written by Anandi are published in the current Testimony of Pranavadipa Vol. 36, as well as in Echo 62.


We also would like to express our gratitude for the staff in Kyoto for all the time, thought, and attention to detail that they put into making the live video participation a possibility.

Nandiswara, Ekanta. Aniruddha

Sadhya, Anandamali, Yashoda, Kamalakshi

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