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Sunday January 31, 2021 NYC

New YouTube Video Released Today!
Positive Transformation ~ The Story of Freedom 1: Recognition Released

Mahayogi Yoga Mission New York has just released a new YouTube video to our Project Sahasrara YouTube channel!!  Positive Transformation ~ The Story of Freedom 1: Recognition

This video is an excerpt from Mahayogi Yoga Mission’s Dec. 6th 2020 program, “Disarming the Mind for Freedom”, which is part of the online series Positive Transformation in Times of Change. This excerpt is the first of two that we will release from the Dec. 6th program and includes two of the stories that were presented using narration and hand drawn images.

The introduction to the video is as follows:

The search for Freedom is at the core of all humanity. There must be something within us that knows, consciously or not, that only in the state of Freedom does true happiness arise—happiness that is limitless and without end. We usually think of Freedom as something that can be obtained, or as something that can be given, by a circumstance, by a person, or by having various things. Yet, no matter what we are given or what we obtain, without having Freedom from the mind, we remain in the state of being un-free. In order to be free, each one of us must take action to free ourselves.

In Yoga, Freedom is known to be beyond the mind. But to experience Freedom from the mind, we must first stop and examine the current state of the mind and how it works. We need to recognize precisely what it is that causes the mind to be in an un-free state. We must carefully observe its tendencies and then strive tirelessly against the mind to become free of it. It is the battle of all battles, entirely waged within.

This video, “The Story of Freedom I: Recognition” illustrates the means by which the mind creates its own bondage, the opposite of Freedom. Although these stories took place thousands of years ago, these examples may seem familiar to many of us. These experiences can be difficult to recognize when they occur in our daily lives, but after viewing and introspecting, we may begin to catch glimpses of recognition and insight into how the mind can create an unfree state.

Please watch, share with friends and check back soon for the next video!

Also, another online program in the series Positive Transformation in Times of Change will be coming soon. Please stay tuned for more info.

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