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Sunday February 7, 2021 NYC

Announcement: Next YouTube Video Released!
Positive Transformation ~ The Story of Freedom 2: Self-Reflection

Mahayogi Yoga Mission New York has just released another new YouTube video to our Project Sahasrara YouTube channel!! Positive Transformation ~ The Story of Freedom 2: Self-Reflection

This video is an excerpt from Mahayogi Yoga Mission’s Dec. 6th 2020 program, “Disarming the Mind for Freedom”, which is part of the online series Positive Transformation in Times of Change. This excerpt is the second of two released from the Dec. 6th program, and is a continuation of the first excerpt.

We recommend that you first watch Positive Transformation ~ The Story of Freedom 1: Recognition and read the blog post that introduces it, so that you are familiar with the stories that are referenced in this second video excerpt.

In The Story of Freedom 2: Self-Reflection, the viewer is taken on a journey of observing the mind. After recognizing how the un-free state of mind may appear in common daily life scenarios (The Story of Freedom 1), the next step in this quest for Freedom is centered on observing how this appears in one’s own self. Through examples of observing and personally reflecting upon the patterns and tendencies of the mind, and with the foundation of one of Buddha’s principal teachings,[1] this video takes us further to arrive at the universal and essential inquiry of “Who am I?”.

[1] —The first of the Four Noble Truths that Buddha taught is: Life is suffering. He further taught that this suffering can be categorized into four types: old age, sickness, death, and the cause of these, birth. And that there are four additional types of suffering: that of being separated from loved ones, that of having to be with those one despises, that of the vain struggle to get what one desires, and that which is the cause of the previous three, an impure body and mind.

Please watch, share with friends and keep an eye out for an announcement about our next online program coming up soon!

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