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Echo From The Cave: 119

Thursday Aug 1, 2019 NYC

Project Sahasrara Releases Very First Images of Shri Mahayogi on YouTube!

Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa:
A Modern Age Yogi Who Abides in Self-Realization

Today, with great excitement and anticipation, we are announcing the release of the very first YouTube video featuring rare video footage, photographs and teachings of our Beloved Master, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa!!

For all of the disciples and devotees of Shri Mahayogi, this is a historical moment as it symbolizes our hope that the Great Existence of Shri Mahayogi, the concrete manifestation of Enlightenment and of Sanatana Dharma (the Eternal Truth that has been preached since ancient times) will fly out into the world unbounded to touch the hearts of not only those who are searching today, but those who will search in future generations, beyond our time on this earth.


Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa—One with the Eternal Truth—is the living existence of Yoga and proof that Sanatana Dharma is real and attainable. Since 1976, when he was first sought out and requested to teach, Shri Mahayogi has been quietly yet tirelessly guiding seekers from all walks of life to taste and experience for themselves this indubitable Truth that is the essence of everyone and everything.

What is the purpose of life? What are we living for? These questions, universal to human beings in all times and places, are at the heart of what true Yoga teaches, the Yoga that has been passed down from Guru to disciple for thousands of years. Until the 19th century, awareness of Yoga and its teaching remained largely unseen and difficult to find. In order to find an authentic teacher and to receive the teachings of Yoga one had to search far and wide in India, often with the willingness to leave all else behind in that search.

Today, Yoga abounds in both East and West, but the search for the authentic teacher and the authentic, ancient teaching is as difficult as in times past. Though Shri Mahayogi has been guiding seekers since 1976, his existence has remained relatively unknown, as has his teaching, the sole purpose of which is to bring seekers to the ultimate state of Yoga as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As we look toward the Great Mission of Shri Mahayogi’s existence on this earth, our hearts are impassioned with the desire for an ever-widening circle of people to have the opportunity to experience and learn these precious teachings of Yoga that come directly from Shri Mahayogi’s continuous immersion in this highest state of Yoga.

Until now, we have closely guarded the precious image of Shri Mahayogi, as we believe that even the image of Shri Mahayogi is enlivened by the very presence of the Master himself and therefore have been striving to ensure that that sacred image is treated with the utmost care and respect that we would want Shri Mahayogi to receive in person.

But in knowing that now more than ever the world needs to receive news of true Yoga, to see and touch the existence of a true Yogi, one who has mastered Yoga through and through, and to receive the great blessing of Shri Mahayogi’s existence, we invite you all to share this video far and wide. We invite you to share Yoga, to share the existence of this ancient path that leads to the true unchangeable Bliss and Freedom that we all seek from the depths of our heart, and to share this precious and rare opportunity that we all have right now to experience and learn from a living Master of Yoga!


Shri Mahayogi is currently in NYC until September 1st. Find opportunities to learn directly from Shri Mahayogi HERE.