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Echo From The Cave: 122

Friday Dec 27, 2019 NY

Announcement: Pranavadipa Relaunches!

Pranavadipa, our monthly online subscription-based publication of teachings and study material, has officially relaunched!

We truly appreciate everyone who has been patiently waiting as we transition to a new system. Knowing that through the content of Pranavadipa the powerful Light of Eternal Truth has the opportunity to shine forth and nourish the hearts of those who seek It in their daily lives around the globe, we recognize the importance and preciousness of having this publication available. And we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support of this work.

Please read more about what Pranavadipa is HERE and how to SUBSCRIBE.


Though the newest volume of Pranavadipa (Vol. 61) is arriving to you a little later than usual, its content is just as rich and enlivening as ever.

The Satsangha published in this Volume is coming from Shri Mahayogi’s visit to Matsuyama in Japan, where seekers have been practicing and building their understanding of the teachings of Yoga. Though there have been Yoga activities happening and slowly building in Matsuyama since 2005 it is only in the past few years that Shri Mahayogi has begun to travel there on a regular basis to offer Satsangha to the practitioners. You can surely feel how the attendees of the Satsangha must recognize and cherish this precious opportunity to ask the questions they have been waiting to ask and value these important moments at the feet of the Master to seek his guidance so that they can advance their practice until the next opportunity.

The questions themselves are clearly based in the actual challenges faced in daily life that the practitioners are facing as they strive to implement the teachings of Yoga into both their surroundings and in the way their mind approaches or views the situations they are in. These challenges are nothing unique to those who are asking them, but are common things that we all face and can all easily relate to.

Shri Mahayogi crisply and compassionately teaches about true independence, concrete discrimination within the mind, how to approach and interact with loved ones, how to train the mind and how to face a lack of passion and rather cultivate what is lacking. The stark truth of Shri Mahayogi’s words, from beginning to end, seem to shake confusion, misunderstanding, and lack of determination out of our minds—and at the same time inspire us to proceed forth on the path of Yoga with vigor and resolve.

This Volume’s Testimony, written by Sananda, consists of two articles from a series called “Yoga Explained.” The first of the two articles introduces and breaks down for us what Yoga is, in relation to the second and most important of the sutra contained in the ancient scripture: “Yoga is the restraint of the activities of the mind.” It goes on to detail where the teaching of Yoga originates, how it is passed down, and the importance of this state of Yoga being transmitted by one who has mastered it in absolute. And the second article contains a very relatable and practical explanation of how the mind functions and where its activity comes from to begin with. This is the great science of Yoga! Together, these articles, with their many examples and easy language, provide us with a generous amount of detail and understanding that only comes from studying the teachings of Yoga by actually practicing and experiencing them.

May we all be inspired to aim to discover for ourselves through putting practice into action the depth of understanding and realization that can only come through actual experience!