“I” Exist Here and Now. Where are you?

PROJECT SAHASRARA was born one night at the Cave, the moment after three disciples had meditated together, as an initiative to explore the expression of Yoga as taught by Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa. By bringing this expression of Yoga into the public eye, we hope that our hearts reach out to the hearts of those who may bear witness, and that those who are seeking Truth, the True Self or God, may have the opportunity to find in our practice and in the teachings of Shri Mahayogi that which they seek.

The ways in which PROJECT SAHASRARA will develop over time are not yet known. As we, alongside all of you, enter into the journey of the Unknown. PROJECT SAHASRARA is not solely an expression of Yoga for the public, but also a means through which we ourselves delve into the Self, which is beyond the mind and the body. We hope that through developing and actualizing PROJECT SAHASRARA, and by deepening our own understanding and realization of Yoga, Epiphany—the revelation of the Divinity within oneself—will be experienced, not only by those who participate, but also by those who witness.

“From pure Joy springs all creation, by Joy it is sustained,
toward Joy it proceeds, and to Joy it returns.”

-Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa



We humbly offer this work and all of its fruits to the lotus feet of Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, for it is through his grace alone that all is known. There is nothing that comes from us that does not originate in Him. We offer our highest veneration and deepest gratitude to our master, Shri Mahayogi, for his continued guidance and inspiration, which is the source of PROJECT SAHASRARA and all of the Mahayogi Yoga Mission’s activities. We offer him our thanks for granting us permission to use the image of Sahasrara Chakra on the title page of the PROJECT SAHASRARA site, an image he painted on fabric in 1976 when the Mission first began in Kyoto, Japan.