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Echo From The Cave: 203

  Saturday June 8, 2024 NYC

Announcement: In-Person Classes Begin Again—Starting June 8 at Anār,
Upper West Side, Manhattan  

Mahayogi Yoga Mission NY is pleased to announce that we are resuming in-person Asana and Meditation classes. What a great joy to be able to invite class attendees to practice and learn together in one space!

It has been wonderful indeed to be able to hold online classes, especially since it offers the opportunity for practitioners living far away or even abroad to join the practice, and we will certainly continue our online classes. Yet, we must say that on the night before we held a trial class on Sunday June 2nd, when we went to the Anār Indian restaurant on the Upper West Side, which is being generously donated as a space to hold the class, and started to clean and prepare the space for the next day, it brought back all the fine memories and the sense of what it was like when we had the class with Shri Mahayogi—it’s hard to believe that now more than four years have gone by since we last gathered with Shri Mahayogi for class.

As we resume in-person classes, with each class being guided by the senior disciples who have been taught directly by Shri Mahayogi, there is a great opportunity for each attendee to receive the focused attention and hands on correction needed to obtain the full benefit of the practice.

During the trial class, there were a few new attendees who had heard about our class through Anār, but who had never practiced asana before; and we also had a few attendees joining us online. For the new attendees, at the beginning, it might have been a bit challenging to hold the body in unfamiliar positions while trying to concentrate on the breath, but as the class progressed, and before anyone even realized it, the energy of the room was united in stillness, and by the end of the class, the room beamed with smiles and gently shining faces.

Once again, this is a great beginning. And, every moment is a great beginning. We know that over time, as we continue to attend classes and practice the asana practice that Shri Mahayogi gave us, our ability to sit comfortably for meditation both physically and mentally will be developed. But let us remember that the benefits and aim of Yoga do not remain at that level. The meditation practice in Yoga has an extremely noble aim—to realize the Truth, the true Self. In order to go closer toward the goal, we need to see the aim clearly, and mold our minds accordingly. Just as alpinists train themselves for years only to be able to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, we are aiming to reach the summit of Mt. Sumeru, where we can abide with an undisturbed mind, leading us to the ultimate goal of Yoga: Self-Realization.

Every other Saturday, starting from June 8th
* Please arrive by 8:45AM so class can begin promptly at 9:00AM.

Anār Restaurant
935 Amsterdam Avenue at the corner of West 106th St in Manhattan

Please check HERE for info about class fee and payment.

Bring a mat to practice on, and empty stomach.

We look forward to seeing you and to practicing together!