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Friday February 2, 2024 NYC

Announcement: SAVE THE DATE!!
—Special Screening in NYC—
Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa’s Satsangha from Kyoto, 2016: Part 2
NEW DATE: Sat, February 10th 2024

Sat, February 3rd 2024

Special screening event of the continued recorded footage of Satsangha (Q&A) with the Enlightened Master of Yoga, Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahamsa. 

To sit near an Enlightened Master—since ancient times this has been one of the most revered and precious opportunities one can encounter, and for many years Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahansa, an Enlightened Master of Yoga, gathered closely with one small group of seekers at a time and quietly conveyed the teachings of Yoga, the teachings of the Truth.

Gathered in this intimate setting, the serene stillness of Shri Mahayogi’s presence would unfold silently into every ounce of space, the incredible lightness of his form and his compassionate smile would shine brightly, and the unshakeable Truth that he spoke would begin to dispel and clear the confusions and doubts of the mind.

In such an atmosphere, Shri Mahayogi attended to everyone present, answering their questions with great care, and ever-directing, even through some of the most common matters of daily life, to the path that can lead straight to the realization of the Truth, that which is the essence of our true nature, that which is ever-free and untouched by sorrows.

Mahayogi Yoga Mission invites you to experience with us the incredible scene this rare footage captures.

This footage will be screened twice on the day of the event. The admission ticket is all inclusive and attendees are welcome to attend one or both screenings. There will be an intermission between screenings and some time reserved after the final screening. For attendees who would like, this time may be used for further learning about Shri Mahayogi, about the teachings of Yoga, and for discussing with practitioners who have been learning Yoga under the guidance of Shri Mahayogi.

When: Sat, February 10th 2024   Sat, February 3rd 2024 
Time: 2:00 – 5:30 pm, Doors open at 1:30pm
Location: 9-03 44th Road, Unit 201, Long Island City, NY (Solar One Building)

Registration or RSVP is required at least 24 hours in advance:
· EARLY REGISTRATION (by Jan. 27) – Click here
· RSVP & PAY AT DOOR (at least 24 hours in advance) – Click here
Note: Tickets are non-transferrable.
For cancellation or changes, please contact MYM staff – Click here

1:30 pm        Doors open

2:00 – 3:10   First screening
3:10 – 3:55   Intermission
4:00             Second screening


The following is our experience from the first Film Screening:

On Saturday September 23rd, attendees of the Special Screening in New York of Satguru Shri Mahayogi’s Satsangha were given the great blessing of the opportunity to sit near an Enlightened Master, which has not occurred since Shri Mahayogi’s last visit to New York in the winter of 2020 (Dec. 2019 to Feb. 2020). How much we had missed seeing him, hearing his voice, talking with him… We were yearning so for any opportunity to see Shri Mahayogi and so grateful that this opportunity came.

Indeed, the time that we can gather and sit in the same space with Shri Mahayogi physically present in front of us has now passed, yet ironically, this is the first time for non-Japanese speakers to be able to experience Shri Mahayogi’s Satsangha without a translator, which means that attendees had a chance to understand his words through being able to see the translation of what Shri Mahayogi was saying while he was actually saying it. In other words, it was the first time to really be able to see and experience the way Shri Mahayogi delivers the Truth in the very same moment it is being delivered. And so, because of the unique nature of this new format, and considering that viewers would need to continuously concentrate intensely on reading the subtitles, which could possibly not allow attendees to take in the subtleties of the atmosphere and the presence of Shri Mahayogi, the decision was made to show the footage twice in the same day. The idea being that in having the chance to see it twice, the whole experience could be taken in more deeply and comprehensively.

The Satsangha that we had the opportunity to experience on this occasion, was one in which the majority of the participants that day, though already taking the Mission’s classes in different areas around Kyoto, Japan, were meeting Shri Mahayogi and attending the Satsangha for the very first time. The questions that the participants asked as they sought to learn from and be guided by Shri Mahayogi were truly heartfelt and sincere, relating to everyday life matters that they had been trying to work on in themselves or find the answer to for a long time. And because of that, many gurubai or attendees in New York expressed gratefulness for the fact that since these questions relate to very common and universal matters, they were able to see themselves and their own very real struggles reflected in these questions. Then, the way Shri Mahayogi responded to and addressed the direct need and heart’s yearning of each person who asked a question, provided a key to resolve something of utmost importance. So, the content of what Shri Mahayogi taught was very directly relevant and practicable, and very comprehensive.

No matter the question, Shri Mahayogi always directed everyone toward the Truth, and taught generously about the Truth of Existence, the meaning and impact of Satori (Awakening, Realization) in our modern-day world, what it means to learn Yoga, the nature of karma, reincarnation and death, the way and structure of the mind that needs to be decluttered in order to establish a state of tranquility, the psychology of Yoga, and what to better understand and focus on in order to improve the many interactions and situations that inevitably arise in our daily lives. And each participant who had requested Shri Mahayogi’s guidance that day, graciously received the answer, their relief and gratitude being visibly expressed in their determination to make diligent effort to understand and try to apply what Shri Mahayogi had taught. (The English translation of the transcript is available in Pranavadipa Vol. 107.)

Hearing and thereby receiving Shri Mahayogi’s words directly is irreplaceable to any experience, but interestingly, after the whole experience of seeing the film of Satsangha with Shri Mahayogi, both gurubai and attendees who had participated in Shri Mahayogi’s Satsangha before, expressed that they had discovered new things that, previously, when attending in person, they hadn’t recognized or noticed in the same way. That could be things like the way and timing with which Shri Mahayogi speaks, when and how he pauses, his various facial expressions, gestures, and mannerisms, or that could be his depth of listening and care for each person, the way his interactions unfold, what Shri Mahayogi spoke about or even his lively presence.


Looking back now, the time certainly came to be filled with invaluable teachings of many different kinds and forms and depths that unfolded within this new way of experiencing Shri Mahayogi’s Satsangha. And if we can constantly cultivate the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the humble mind of wanting to learn and come to understand, surely our recognition of the varieties and depths of teachings can continue to grow.

And in the same way that Yoga has been conveyed from ancient times until now, certainly it is up to each one of us to take these teachings to heart, remember them, further contemplate upon them, try to learn and understand them through acting on them in the situations of daily life, and thereby come to learn and understand them through direct experience—for it is only through doing so that we may then come to truly be able to receive what is being bestowed in such a unique opportunity as Shri Mahayogi’s Satsangha.


We would like to share that behind the film screening, there were many preparations. With the aim of each attendee being able to experience something as close to a real Satsangha with Shri Mahayogi as possible, and of each attendee being able to feel Shri Mahayogi as much as possible, many elements were taken into consideration. Indeed, great care was taken in preparing all the details that would come together to create the needed space, be it the space internally to listen and receive, the space in the external environment and atmosphere to quiet the mind, or the space visually around the words of Shri Mahayogi as they would appear on the screen—creating this space included careful attention to the way of translation, its careful placement into subtitles, and the timing that each subtitle would appear on the screen in correlation with what was being said, the height of the screen at floor level, the lighting and atmosphere of the space, and much more. It is our, Shri Mahayogi’s disciples’, responsibility to deliver the presence of our Guru, his words, and his teachings in the purest way we possibly can. After the screening, when we heard many different attendees express their happiness to see and hear from Shri Mahayogi, that it felt as if the small gathering room in the Mahayogi Ashrama in Kyoto, Japan, was expanding out, beyond time and space, right into the room where everyone was gathered in New York, including us all in the sacred environment of that auspicious moment that took place in 2016, and that it was as if it was possible to sense the subtle details that came out from behind his words and ways of expression, we felt encouraged and grateful—and this gives us strength to keep our practice going and to find the ways to convey the presence, the teachings, and the experience of being with Shri Mahayogi, as multi-dimensionally and wholly as possible.

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