Echo From The Cave: 201

Saturday December 2, 2023 NYC

Maha Prabhu!
Our beloved Gurudev!
Our Beloved Shri Mahayogi!
Satguru Shri Mahayogi Paramahamsa!!!
We Worship at Your Beautiful Lotus Feet
Visible or Invisible
Near or Far
You Know No Bounds of Time or Space,
Of Form or Formless
You are Forever Dwelling in our Hearts
Making All and Everything Shine with Your Eternal Love

May the Celebration, the Joy and the Unfathomable Blessing of Your Holy Birth
Come to Reverberate From the Core of the Smallest Particle to the Entire Universe!!!

On November 23rd, Mahayogi Mission held a celebratory gathering for the occasion of Satguru Jayanti—the 75th Anniversary of Shri Mahayogi’s Holy Birth.

This year was a greatly shocking year in which our most beloved Master passed, but regardless, on this auspicious day of Satguru Jayanti, for offering our unchangeable gratitude and vow, more than a hundred disciples from various places in Japan, New York and Taiwan gathered, and it was a day that was filled with Joy and Hope. This year, we attempted to have multiple locations (three places in Kyoto, Matsuyama, Tokyo, New York and Taiwan) connect through Zoom.

The Jayanti ceremony began by a puja (ritual of worship) at the Mahayogi Ashrama, which is the house where Shri Mahayogi grew up, and where he preached and guided many people who were seeking the path. After that, connecting from one place to another, we offered celebratory speeches, kirtan and moving images.

The speeches and appearances made by disciples expressed their heartfelt adoration to the Master, and also their firm resolution to live the teaching of the Master for themselves and follow the teaching for the realization of Satori. We acknowledge that this is a new beginning, and we determine again to further move forward seeing one direction.

“The essence of all living beings, of everyone, is the sacred, precious, Eternal Existence of Truth”—we offer the deepest gratitude to the Master, who generously poured everything upon us, traveling around to different places, showing and illustrating to us this Universal Truth.

For the future, may the words of Truth that the Master spoke reverberate in this world in all their purity!


Here we would like to share the speech from Madhri, the representative of the Mahayogi Mission in Japan. 

Speech on the Occasion of Satguru Jayanti, 2023

The day of Shri Mahayogi’s Holy Birth has always been and will continue to be the most sacred day of the year for us. Satguru Jayanti has always been filled with blessings that shower down on the entirety of us, and Shri Mahayogi has breathed a new spiritual Life into us.

For Shri Mahayogi, appearing before us, clad in the invisible Truth and the things he showed us, for the things he spoke to us in their entirety, and for all the guidance that would have reached beyond our recognition, I have not quite been able to find the words to express the gratitude I feel. I feel that to manifest this concretely in our way of living in this lifetime, that that is what would constitute gratitude for Shri Mahayogi and [all the things that you have given to us].

I’ve been thinking about how Shri Mahayogi is seeing the future ahead, how he is envisioning the future of Mahayogi Mission.
This may not be something that can become apparent right away. Even so, what I am certain about, is that it is all completely up to us, and that we must pave the way from this point on.

I recall the words of Shri Mahayogi from about ten years ago, regarding missionary activities: “Because Yoga is the work that one stakes one’s own Life on, each and every one of you, disciples and devotees, must strive to forge ahead with this resolute determination and responsibility, both individually and as the work of the Mission.” He said that, “How much you yourself are rooted in a solid, foundational way of being as a genuine practitioner of Yoga, [a yogi], will be put to the test.” Then referring to the examples of Shri Ramakrishna’s disciples, he said: “They practiced tapas in honorable poverty and fulfilled the way they lived respectively—I want you to have their spirit, their state of being, as your core. Even if the era and place is different, I want you to do it in this day and age, with as much unshakable spirit and grit as possible, to the maximum extent,” he said robustly.

The disciples of Ramakrishna, after their Master’s departure, all burned with the spirit of renunciation and ascended to great spiritual heights. In this way, each of them awakened to their own mission, and they spread the Universal Truth that was embodied by their Master, that the Truth is One, to the world, and threw themselves into the service of others. I think that through that, they felt the Existence of their Master even more, and lived with their Master.

We want to be the same! I strongly feel that. I feel that their noble spirit can be understood only through ceaseless effort towards Satori and selfless work.

Shri Mahayogi is Eternal Existence, and it is promised that the bond between Guru and disciple is eternal. While placing absolute trust and faith in that, we should never rest on it, and instead we must place ourselves in that which is Eternal.

The Mahayogi Mission, which Shri Mahayogi laid the foundation for, is not very big, however, there are souls gathered here, in New York, in Taiwan and in various locations across Japan, who have unshakable aspirations and resolve. We have the responsibility to leave the legacy of Shri Mahayogi’s footprints, the Truth that we witnessed, which was like a miracle, for future generations. We have the role of retelling and conveying the words of Truth, that Shri Mahayogi, with unbridled generosity, poured his love and spirituality into, to as many people around us as possible. That responsibility rests with every one of us. Even if we are, even if you are, immature, even if we are, even if you are, not perfect like Shri Mahayogi, it doesn’t matter. There is neither success nor failure in actuality. Shri Mahayogi was always generous, broad-minded, free and dynamic. 

No matter how difficult, keep moving forward! I sense in this an irresistible, powerful force flowing forth. The source of that, unmistakably, is Shri Mahayogi, and it is coming from the Eternal, Universal Truth. There is no end to the work of Shri Mahayogi. Surely, even from now on, he must continue to work together with us.

In order for people who are seeking True Authentic Yoga, for those who are seeking Truth and will arrive later, to be able to surely walk on the path, relying on the Existence and teachings of the Guru, we will make sure the Light of hope that Shri Mahayogi brought to the whole of humanity, will never cease. May we be the vessels, the sangha that will be worthy of inheriting Shri Mahayogi’s Satori, Sanatana Dharma. May the Mahayogi Mission be continuously a place where one can sense vividly Shri Mahayogi’s Divine Presence and Blessings, at all times, for eternity.



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