Echo From The Cave: 195

Sunday December 25, 2022 NYC

Mahayogi Yoga Mission’s 26th Anniversary in New York,
December 25th

Today, in honor of Mahayogi Yoga Mission’s 26th Anniversary in New York, we would like to announce that our latest YouTube video is released.

This song was originally created for and offered to Shri Mahayogi on the occasion of Satguru Jayanti, 2022. The music is based on Julie London’s Cry Me a River, and the song lyrics are inspired by several poems written by Ramprasad and sung by Shri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, a poem written by Swami Vivekanada, as well as by the unshakeable spirit of our brother, Sananda, one who lived for Yoga.


Dive deep, O mind, dive deep
Into the ocean of God’s beauty
Let go, plunge down into the utmost depths,
That’s where you will find the gem of pure Love

O mind, give up, let yourself be drowned,
Deep in the sea of that love
With no fear of pain nor search for pleasure
Let all your notions fade away

What need have I of knowledge or of reason?
O mind, let the Guru show you the way, (He is always there)
Light up, light up the shining lamp of true wisdom
Let it burn ever steady, unceasingly within your heart

Now, stoke that flame and ignite the passion
Go mad with singular devotion
Live out each day, bold and ever-certain
Let Faith and Truth alone be your ground

Come on now, stoke that flame, set it ablaze
Make it burn with devotion ever heightening
Go mad to live on Faith and Truth alone
Let hands and feet work tirelessly for the sake of Love

We express our deepest gratitude to Shri Mahayogi, who is the sole reason for the existence of Mahayogi Yoga Mission in New York and the inspiration behind all of its activities. Because of Shri Mahayogi, our hearts and eyes can open to the path of Yoga, the path of Truth, that is illuminated before us, right here at this very moment.

Om Tat Sat, Om

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