Echo from The Cave: 8

Mon Nov 24th, 2014 0:00am Manhattan, NYC


We were heading to the class from Central Park, where Petal 3 had just been completed. My eyes were gazing forward but I was not really looking at anything in particular. Or, I should say that my mind was not connecting to anything, just the space in front of my eyes. Suddenly I heard a voice resound from the vastness,



All at once, yet in slow motion,
I was drawn to its source by a strong magnetic force,
in the same way that iron is instantly drawn to a magnet…



Thus, this message was born:

“Stop mind, Stop! Abide only in the Source.”



This April at a festival in Osaka, Japan,
our gurubai (brothers and sisters from the Mahayogi Yoga Mission in Japan)
performed in a temple an original play titled,
“Eternal Buddha.”

The story of the play is of Buddha and the murderous bandit Anglimala
who later became Buddha’s disciple.

In one scene Buddha says to Anglimala,

“Stop Anglimala!”


For it is Anglimala himself who is the mind.



Let the mind stop its activity and abide in its source.
Buddha is within all of us.



You may want to watch
The English translation of the play “Eternal Buddha”.
Performed in Osaka, on April 6th, 2014
Written by Sanatana
Click → epiphany vol.5 – The Eternal Buddha (with English Subtitles)


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