Echo From The Cave: 189

Monday May 23, 2022 NYC

Talk at the End of the Asana & Meditation Class
Sunday, May 15th 2022

Training the Mind Through Asana and Training the Mind Through Daily Life

Shri Mahayogi teaches us that one of the purposes of asana is to make the mind prepared for the state of meditation. We learn that many aspects of the practice of asana—for example, the details in the instruction coming from Shri Mahayogi, the way of focusing on the breath, the direction of the eye gaze, what we need to face in our minds as the body experiences a challenge, etc.—are used for the purpose of gathering and re-training the mind in a way that may be quite different from its natural habit of being pulled in many directions, reacting to various things, and thus, far from the state of mind that can enter meditation. Shri Mahayogi says that it is important for the mind to experience a state that is contrary to the state that occurs as a result of the mind’s natural habits, and that it can be experienced perhaps more easily and concretely through the practice of asana.

The practice of asana is like our time of training for the mind, which also can give us the strength to train the mind in daily life as well, where it can be much more difficult to gather and re-train, yet is just as important—and, personally, I am really feeling the truth of this. We are learning that these two, training the mind through asana and training the mind through daily life, go hand-in-hand, because in the end, for Yoga, as Shri Mahayogi always points out to us, nothing is separate…Yoga, whether the trainings and disciplines, or the state of mind we are working towards, must be placed at the center core of every moment.

~ Sadhya

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