Echo From The Cave: 153

Tuesday Mar 23, 2021 NYC

MYM’s Series “Positive Transformation in Times of Change”
Disarming the Mind for Freedom – Part 4
Friday, April 2nd 7-8 pm

With our eyes fixed on the external world, internal observation of the mind is more challenging than ever before. Glimpse just beyond the realm of our immediate perception, to the battle waging constantly within our minds that keeps us in an un-free state, and seek together with us to disarm its factions in a step towards Freedom.

 In past programs, we have been working on the recognition of the unfree state of our minds, dependent and vulnerable to external conditions. In this next program, we will introduce an important tool for us to use to assist in this process—asana (physical postures of Yoga).

Asana: A Tool for Cultivating the Field
Cultivating the land is hard work that requires time, effort, and patience before it bears fruits. Cultivating the field of the mind is no different, though the tools that are needed are certainly of a different kind.

The first step in cultivation requires seeing what’s already in the field, recognizing what’s already in the mind—no matter how entangled and overgrown it may be with its own activities. Asana is a practice that can help us not only begin to see the field, but to also start clearing away the overgrowth. In this program, join us in our learning about what asana is, where it comes from, the importance and significance of it in cultivating the mind to walk on the path towards Freedom—and experience a small taste of asana for yourself.

Speakers: Karuna and Sadhya
Suggested: Please arrive without a full stomach to have the opportunity to experience the maximum benefit a few seated asana (physical postures) that will be introduced during the program.


* Tickets will be available for purchase for up to 24 hours in advance.
* Please note that using Zoom is required for attending the program.
* You will be emailed a Zoom link on the day of the program.
* We will be happy to provide technical assistance to anyone who may need it.
* We will open the Zoom space at 6:15 for attendees to enter and test that zoom is working properly.
* We highly encourage you to connect early to troubleshoot any unexpected issues and then return just before 7 pm.
* On the day of the event, we will post a contact number here for any technical issues that may arise.

Please reach out to for inquiries about this event.

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